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  1. please add the TRI_CITY RATTLERS Kennewick,pasco, richland, washington colors black and gold black helmets, gold unis black pants
  2. the 2 schools my father went to as well
  3. ok sorry im late on this but that cherokee logo is OUTSTANDING! that is one of the best logos i have ever seen on here. I want my teams to change their name and use that logo
  4. I like it all except the "C" to me it looks strange with the peak on the top maybe seperate the peak and the letter?

    MiLB Re-Brands

    actually just the gold part makes a nice dust devil logo looks like a twister with a face that is kinda cute and kinda menacing the blue tail and swirls looks awful but....maybe try sticking the head over the tc when we were the posse we had a ball wearing a cowboy hat with a handlebar mustache in front of "tc" then maybe swirls around the entire logo

    MiLB Re-Brands

    The Dust Devils happens to be my hometown team. Im afraid to say i do not like it, I cant get into the idea of a floating head, and adding a body doesnt work cause a dust devil isnt a person it needs to be some kind of "cyclone" with eyes or arms. I like the idea of taking just the gold "face" of the current logo and placing it in front of the "TC"
  7. so im watching clemson in white the paw print on their right arm is oriented like you would think, toes up the paw print on the left arm is rotated i first thought maybe it was just the way the jersey was aligned but every players paw prints look exactly the same. maybe someone can find a pic

    MiLB Re-Brands

    Fox valley Foxes is too much for me, either be called the foxes and use a different name, or be called fox valley rascals, or something "foxish" and have fox as a mascot
  9. im wondering if the orange would look better without the me it looks like an orange man not an orange
  10. that logo looks awesome 100% UPGRADE
  11. could someone post a pic of one wit hdark grey pants and helmets?
  12. I hate teams adding black but i like the grey, i lovethe grey pants like ole miss so i guess im hypocritical no black but yes to grey
  13. if these are updates put the logo on the bc helmet
  14. BIGBAD

    My NHL Redesign

    try the all black and make it all red after all devils should be red