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  1. What about Maryland...?
  2. Maryland lax played today on ESPNU...any sign of a Terps logo...?
  3. I'm attempting to be as neutral as possible, but how can you hate on the Terps road uniforms? They are so nice. Too much black? Its a team color and a neutral color, plus it has the the yellow pinstriping, red outline around the numbers and the white helmets to set it off. As for the the helmets, they are classic and the old black ones are far too generic, so until they find a way to put all 4 team colors on there an make it look legit then they should def. keep it. When they wear the combo uniforms it looks so nice because the yellow pinstriping matches so it looks like they were made together. Man, I was for sure the Terps would have made your favorites list, but I guess some people just like generic uniforms that are just shirts with numbers. Under Armour makes sure that the Terps are the freshest team on the turf (because lets face it, they aren't always the smartest), because they are the original UA sponsored team so they have to represent. PS I do concede that the red on red is wayyyyyyyyyy too much. I assume you have seen those...? Those aren't so hot.
  4. Hey man, that Maryland one looks awesome. Just wondering if you could touch it up a little? Maybe get rid of the Browns one and the Orioles division ones? How about adding the Redskins conference championships (72 and 83) and Salisbury University Seagulls NCAA D-3 Lacrosse Championships (1994, '95, '99, '03, '04, '05, '07, '08)? Is there any chance you could make the capitals conference championship the old uniforms and add the new uniforms for the 2010 regular season champs? Last thing, I saw a guy with bowl game ones...?...any chance you could throw some Maryland ones on there? You do great work man...these are so awesome...thanks again big time. You da man.
  5. I'd like to make a request. Maryland Terrapins 2002 NCAA Bball Champs Maryland Terrapins ACC Bball Champs 2004 1984 1954 Maryland Terrapins Fball National Champs 1953 Maryland Terrpains Fball ACC Champs '74,'75,'76,'83,'84,'85,2004 All Orioles pennants and World Series All Redskins Super Bowls Capitals Conference Championship Thanks a lot!
  6. U of Minnesota Duluth? UMD = UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND TERRAPINS I still say U of M Duluth is the real UMD U of Maryland is just UM The real UMD...? Wow. That's a long shot coming from a D2 school (except hockey). 1. Maryland games are actually nationally televised (unlike D2 sports) and is always abbreviated as UMD. 2. UM is the University of Miami. 3. MD is the two letter code for the state of Maryland. Just like UVA is Virginia. 4. No one has even heard of Minnesota's satellite campuses. UMD = "Wave high the black and gold"
  8. Everyone should want to see it. With UMD's 4 signature colors and rich history it easily has the most potential of any other NCAA logo. No one wants to see your little bumble bee.