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  1. That purple needs some purple in it.
  2. srj34

    Miami Heat refresh

    I like it; I always thought a Miami team should go with something like this, but the pink would probably get the set ruled out. Maybe some kind of citrus orange instead of the pink? Maybe just keep the pink in a very sparing role as a fourth color? Maybe a coral red instead of a pink?
  3. 1) It's a cool song. 2) The lyric is, "You Dropped a Bomb on Me". Tim McVeigh did not drop a bomb, he planted a bomb. 3) The bomb in the song is not a literal bomb. 4) Do you expect the bands Anthrax and Katrina & The Waves to change their names? 5) I'm 100% sure that LeBron didn't even have developmentally diabled people in mind when he used the R-word. 6) I am also 100% sure that Kobe has nothing against gay people.
  4. I don't have a problem with the Wizards, Sixers, Patriots etc. using the RWB. It makes sense in those cases.
  5. Damn, that's a nice job, Conrad. For the Hawks, I'd like to see dark red and a tannish yellow, something like: Color #1 Color #2
  6. Seven teams have their Pantone colors listed either in their media guide or somewhere on their web site. I hope this continues.
  7. Wikipedia gives Atlanta using a straight navy (0, 35, 102) but that doesn't look right to me; the Wizard's navy Pantone converts to 0, 38, 73.
  8. What's wrong with the Sixers design?
  9. It was a good job updating the old look, but I don't love it. The previous color scheme is better, but the old wordmark will not be missed. The horizontal striping is distracting as hell. All in all, this is a lateral move.
  10. Pau Gasol and the improvement of Andrew Bynum helped them bridge the gap. The Celtics went from Paul Pierce and not much else to the Big Three from 07 to 08. Well, the Celtics did win 66 games in 08, 62 games in 09, and the Lakers have been the number one seed in 08, 09, and 10. So it's not so implausible, though the Celtics run last year was a bit of a surprise.
  11. I'll go along with that. It was a cheap shot, but nothing more. But you know how those officials are: any hint of trouble and they overdo it to keep the peace. It wasn't the worst ejection I've ever seen, but I wouldn't have thrown him out.
  12. I'm not seeing it. I would like for someone to measure the quality of officiating, to the extent that it's possible. If that really went on, I would wonder 1) how the Spurs, ratings death personified, would have ever been allowed to make the Finals, and 2) why anyone who felt that way would watch. The most plausible way the NBA could manipulate the result would be when the teams are evenly matched. If one team is consistently outplaying the other, no amount of cheating could overcome that. The Lakers-Kings 2002 *could* have been influenced, but the Kings didn't make free throws. If they had done so, the attempt to fix would not have mattered. And the fix didn't make Vlade Divac decide to get rid of the ball instead of securing the rebound in game four.
  13. The Odom play, while a cheap shot, wasn't half as bad as the Bynum play. Barean could have been seriously hurt.
  14. Has anyone realized that there is a surprising similarity between the 2004-08 Detroit Pistons and the 2008-present Boston Celtics? Detroit 2004 54-28 2005 54-28 2006 64-18 2007 53-29 2008 59-23 1 championship, 1 runner-up 284-126 (.693 winning %) Avg. record 57-25 61-38 playoff record (.616 winning %) Boston 2008 66-16 2009 62-20 2010 50-32 2011 56-26 1 championship, 1 runner-up 234-94(.713 winning %) Avg. record 58-24 42-28 playoff record (.600 winning %)
  15. With all the buzz about Derrick Rose, Chris Paul just reminded everyone that he can play a little.