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  1. Should definitely be Gray vs White. I'll miss seeing all the different uniforms together on the field during the game.
  2. That is a beautiful uniform. Probably one of the few CFL uniforms that would work great as a NFL uniform.
  3. Those tapered stripes on the Titans helmet look so out of place.
  4. I'm on my phone, so I don't know how to post it. But Ohio State is going with the playoff jersey as the regular home uniforms for this season. The story is on the site collegespun.com
  5. The Cleveland Browns break the internet.
  6. I actually like both logos Oregon have used for their helmets, the O and the wings. I think it would be neat to combine the 2. Put wings on the O logo would be very cool.
  7. I just hadn't noticed it in past cup logos. Looking through some older ones, looks like some had "Coupe" while others didn't.
  8. Coupe? Does Manitoba have a large french speaking population?
  9. That is cool how they use the van halen logo.
  10. Those are some flaccid looking 7's on MTSU uniforms.
  11. Those giant facemask were popular for awhile in the 90's. Anthony Munoz wore that style almost his whole career.
  12. I don't recognize any of those guys. Did these guys play football too?
  13. Adidas sucks! Are those supposed to be sleeve stripes or shoulder stripes?The best part about those MSU unis are the white facemask.
  14. Great zeus beard! The hefty lefty is very very hefty now.