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  1. As a massive Gamecock fan, I can't get over how incredible these throwbacks looked.
  2. South Carolina is wearing their 1980s throwbacks this week against Charleston Southern. Expect to see them more than once this season and for all uniforms to adapt this style in 2020. Apparently Muschamp and the team really like the look and the school has already told UA to make a full set for next year.
  3. Yeah, I did these really quick and on paint. I couldn't get the collar to look right, so I just skipped it lol.
  4. My quick/rough mockup of the SCAR throwbacks. Again, I'd love to see them adopt this look permanently. With so many red teams in the SEC, this could help them stand out amongst the crowd. Plus, I love the retro Falcons look, and this is very similar to that.
  5. They're not perfect, but as a Gamecock fan, I really like the look. Helps SCAR stand out amongst the rest of the red schools in the SEC and would make for a solid full-time look.
  6. Expect to see multiple Under Armour schools announce some throwbacks today, including South Carolina.
  7. Associate AD at SCAR just confirmed the throwbacks... As a Gamecock fan, I'm pretty excited to see how these look.
  8. Looks like South Carolina could be getting Sterling Sharpe Era throwbacks this season?
  9. I hope you do the SEC next, would love to see what you come up with for SC.
  10. That Florida State concept may be my favorite concept I've seen here. Amazing.
  11. Deff like all these. Maybe try South Carolina?
  12. So, I've seen a lot of people doing their first concepts, so I though I would do my first concept too. I'm using MS Paint for everything, so they won't be as fancy as everyone else's. Anywho, first up is South Carolina. As as student at South Carolina, I am seeing this concept through Garnet glasses. I think that we need to have a simple template to fit with our helment, or change our helment to fit the modern template. I like our helment, so I went with the first choice.
  13. Love them all. Really like the Cincinatti concept.