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  1. Keeb13r

    OKC Thunder

    The angle doesn't nearly accentuate the bison face enough - it reminds me of the Grateful Dead "Deadhead" logo. But it is masterfully executed. It probably just needs the bison to be a little more apparent.
  2. The text on the logo is illegible, both because of the purple background and the thick font.
  3. Keeb13r

    Pittsburgh Hornets

    The bridge in your logo is taken directly from the Pittsburgh Marathon logo.
  4. Keeb13r

    LumberJacks Logo

    You should make the cap black, with red highlights, instead of the other way around. Otherwise, it just runs into the head too much with red.
  5. Pretty much nailed every aspect of this concept. Your super-sleak style definitely suits the Sharks.
  6. A star tail, a star hole in the D, a star in the background. There's just way too many ideas here that aren't realized very well. Pick one and go with it.
  7. I'd also make the Milwaukee in the circle logo white.
  8. The head looks like it is way too defined by the shape of the ears and not enough by a skull.
  9. Very awkward use of those colors. You need to figure out what colors you want to the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, and accordingly, color the the jersey proportionally. I honestly cannot guess what colors you thought were primary vs. secondary, based on their inconsistent use.
  10. Gray just does not work as a primary color. And the way the shoulder logo is placed on the shoulders (e.g. the primary color of the logo is the same as the jersey, there's no border) makes it almost get overlooked.
  11. I think if you cut off part of the head/neck so that it arches behind the ears more, it will look better. That's really the only thing I can suggest because beyond that, it's perfect!
  12. I think the stroke/outlines all need the same or similar thickness. Right now, the variance kinda is distracting. Otherwise, it looks good.
  13. It looks sorta like the bird has a Glasgow smile. I would end the mouth opening mark on the beak and stop it after the head begins. The eye also needs some work, it looks awkward having the head color in the corner of the eye.
  14. Keeb13r

    USA hockey

    This tattoo design pattern would not work well for the national identity of a country's athletic team, in my opinion.
  15. The Vancouver Canucks trend of having arched team names above team crests is something that needs to die with the Canucks and not spread. The color scheme on the blue jersey works surprisingly well. I'm not digging the cream jersey, though.