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  1. Wazzu in anthracite last night. Thoughts: 1. Would've looked phenomenal with crimson pants. I love the jersey itself, not so much the overall combination. 2. Our crimson helmets really need a gray facemask, or the jerseys need white trim 3. These are not to be confused with the light gray set WSU also wears, seen as recently as last week vs. Utah:
  2. You're not. I'm a Mariner fan and I love the custom font and the black (yeah I know it's actually "dark dark dark blue") jerseys. The block font looks fine on the white and teal jerseys, but it's still a little boring.
  3. You must be the same type of person that questions why there isn't a white history month.
  4. Overall an extremely disappointing effort by Nike. This was supposed to be their big show, and they blew it. I'm a Seahawks fan, and there are a few things I like, but more that I don't. Likes: Number font Green trim Pants Seahawks meet at the back of the helmet The 12 feathers on the pants and collar for the 12th man Dilikes: The chest/shoulder stripe is not only a bad idea, it's poorly executed. Especially the gray + green on the home jersey that draws attention to the swoosh Gray numbers on the home jersey: stupid and unnecessary. White numbers would pop so much better, and are what the Hawks have always had. Nike's recent quest to put gray on everything is getting annoying. At least here - unlike Boise State - gray is a traditional Seahawks color. Replica jerseys are going to look like t-shirts, and Nike's going to charge $100 for the right to wear probably $20 worth of material. The gray alt is also unnecessary. The could at least have made a better green jersey with this template. Overall disappointments with the league redesign: -They kept the absurd 49ers sleeve stripes the same -The Texans' GIANT COLLAR -You get flywire! You get flywire! Everyone gets flywire! -Lots of elements are cheap, amateurish looking. And flywire only looks good on plain collars. -The Bengals' jerseys still suck beyond belief -The Bills' retro design is completely messed up by (guess what) the collar. -Didn't unveil any white/alternate jerseys (outside the 'Hawks)
  5. Sounders Mariners WSU Seahawks - The holy grail of Seahawk jersey combos: Blazers - No contest here: Penguins - Adopted as a kid since I've never had a hometown NHL team Minor Leagues:
  6. I call b.s. on Adidas' head of soccer:
  7. I guess I've never looked really closely at the OSU logo, and the more I look at it, the less I like it. It's dated late 90s/early 00s type stuff. If they are going to stay with their current identity, though, the O-State logo would look much better on the helmet.
  8. Just the change to Nike templates will be much better. All you have to do is look at UCLA and the Colts to know that Adidas/Reebok templates are a joke. Still, I would love to see wholesale changes to my Seahawks. They have great colors, a great identity... and completely boring uniforms.
  9. Everyone realizes this has been photoshopped, right? The "bra" part never extended below the top of the numbers in real life. Also, Lights Out is completely right about Nike. WSU's identity was constantly switched around by Russell, but there was never much quality to it. Now, I love what our new uniforms/identity bring to the table. We finally have a standardized font, which I've wanted to see for years. But back to OSU: I fully support the return of the Simonton era jerseys:
  10. ^This is an incredible helmet. TCU should keep the frog on the helmet. It's unique, and I'm not sure why Nike wanted to do away with it the first place. I like the crazy number font, too, so I hope TCU keeps the end-of-the-season look from this year going into next year.
  11. 5 things I would like changed: 1. More number fonts 2. More number fonts 3. More number fonts 4. More number fonts 5. More number fonts It's getting ridiculous. Is there some copyright issue I don't know about with fonts? I know some are proprietary to the teams, but it seems like there shouldn't be a fuss about more generic fonts or modified block numbers.