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  1. I still think Stampede might be more suitable for Texas, especially as it was already pointed out that STL had a previous Stampede team already. I'm still behind Gatekeepers, especially since I can imagine a mascot with a knight's helmet that incorporates the Gateway Arch in some way. Barring that, how about St. Louis Arsenal, named for the existing complex (which was also a Civil War flashpoint)?
  2. Man. It's been a while since I've participated around here, despite lurking since forever. Either way, with the rumors behind a new XFL looming, this seemed relevant. One of the things I thought about though that was especially inspired by the logo is that the 'edgy' aesthetic of both the league identity and the team identities from the original league would be seriously outdated. But it should still have some kind of unique touch to the identities. That said, one of the things I tried to do is find ways of making the teams a collective (IOW, non-plural) nickname that still projected some sort of extra aggression. Boston Rebellion (Boston was obviously one of the important locations of the Revolution, with several team names paying homage to that, and the alliteration helps. Plus 'rebellion' definitely fits for the supposed 'upstart' league) Chicago Untouchables (Echoing the earlier suggestion from another user, while it's again not a non-plural name, it gives a shout-out to Chicago's past without making overt gangster overtures and again just sounds like it's tough and imposing) Detroit Machine (Oblique reference to the city's car manufacturing, along with a low-key one to Robocop, and again sounds collective while still sounding imposing in a way of something superhuman and insurmountable) Las Vegas Jokers (Again, couldn't get a non-plural name that seemed fitting, but it comes in with the usual gambling allusion, and while not as 'tough' sounding as the others without referencing a certain comic character, it also gives a sense of unpredictability, a surprise to worry about) California Los Angeles Aftershock (Aftershock, as others have suggested, definitely fits the theme I'm going with, but feels off with the 'California' name. LA Aftershock has a bit of alliteration that rolls of the tongue better. New York Empire (Because why not? It sounds better than Emperors, with the obvious allusions and makes the team sound like an imposing dynasty right off the bat) St. Louis Gatekeepers (Couldn't think of a good non-plural name, but St. Louis is the 'Gateway to the West', and gatekeepers need to be tough to keep out the riff-raff. Just woe unto the incarnations of the team that end up middling, due to the prerequisite jokes that'd inspire) Texas Stampede (Believe it was another earlier suggestion, but it gives obvious allusion to Texas' cowpoke past and other established teams, while leaving an image of an unstoppable, collective force)
  3. I love the newest set, the Lions one is especially inspired. As far as the 49ers go, I like the updated miner, but if you need something less prone to 'overmodernization', you could always try with a gold nugget, with '49ers' imprinted in it or something. Fitting it into the mold of the Dolphins and the 49ers both might be a tad tricky though.
  4. Oh wow, that's amazing. And a brilliant use of the 6-point star from the flag as a replacement to the Cowboy's lone star.
  5. Blacksmiths Ironmen Forge Anvils
  6. Yeah, this is pretty ridiculous superstitious stuff, not to mention that, as many have said, we're already bogged down with Red & Black teams in the NBA. Also, need I remind that, for a team with 'Red' in their name, the Sox just won a WS while wearing plenty of blue on the way there? I'm just not seeing where blue is some super-jinx preventing any success for anyone wearing it to the point that NO teams should wear it, like you suggest.
  7. The offset stripes are a definite improvement on the Detroit Kit!
  8. I don't mind the Lion across the stripes terriby. I think the Houston crest however shouldn't be skewed to mimic the bullhead of the original. It just looks strange. At the very least, unskew the text and the star a bit so the whole thing doesn't look so tilted. That would look better without completely compromising the connection to the original.
  9. Fingers crossed! I would hate to see the series that brought me here die out!
  10. I personally think the stars would be fine without the Weagle. Maybe keep the weagle on the pants and lose the stars on the side panel as a compromise.
  11. I think the first logo is a bit too busy if you're going for a stylized 'C' look. Try something simpler, and maybe tack in a couple cardinal feathers for the headdress effect, or maybe even turn the tail of the C in your wordmark and fade it into a cardinal feather tassel or something. Not really feeling the animated chubby Cardinal head either. The shading looks really jagged and all over the place, especially around the cheeks and top of the head..
  12. I don't really think Carolina Blue would look good at all, but that's just my opinion. Griff I'd try a gold helmet with the gold alt. See how that looks. The reason I bring up Carolina Blue is because the "Buzz City" wordmark to hype up the return of the Charlotte Hornets uses Carolina Blue in place of the old teal.
  13. NOt sure I'm feeling the Miami wordmarks, or the sunbursts on the sleeves. I'd also like to see the Rams alternate reversed perhaps? The blue as the primary color and the sleeves done in gold instead?
  14. Yeah, I'm kind of curious about seeing a possible alt in wheat too. And I think what throws me off with the logo on the helmet is the way it's slightly tilted now with the helmet at rest. Flipping it is more than fine since it doesn't alter any lettering or anything.
  15. I'm not feeling the indigo either. If we're going full Charlotte Hornets, why not go for the purple and Carolina blue their going to use once the real Hornets return? Cut the yellow, and replace the teal with Carolina blue, and the indigo with the Hornets Purple?