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  1. Somebody posted a mock up of white pants on here. Here’s how it would look.
  2. Why Patriots wore white at home - 2010 Yep. Bill def doesn’t care/think about uniforms.
  3. Well it was a blowout. I was at that game. Packers dominated the whole game. Brady threw 3 picks and threw his only touchdown with 6 mins left making it 28-10.
  4. On the ProShop site it has the throwback red jerseys with the new ones labeled as ‘alternate’ Patriots ProShop I’m not sure if this means anything or just marketing wording to sell more.
  5. In total agreement here. Love the look. There’s no doubt they’ll have silver pants and a new color rush look. I love these.
  6. What am I missing here. Why do people think there will be UCLA stripes AND TV numbers? They’re obviously not going to do this. Look at the existing color rush. They don’t have TV numbers. Why would they introduce that here? Edit: Ah ok my mistake. Man that’s gonna look bad.
  7. Well the Pats just tweeted this: Patriots Twitter Uniform Teaser Monday it is!
  8. Being a Pats fan since the 80s this got a chuckle out of me. I remember being able to walk into old Foxboro at half time for free to watch the second half. Times have def changed for the better.
  9. I’d love for the Pats to debut next week. Where did you find this date?
  10. Wow I can’t believe how great these are. This is how you modernize a uniform without being gimmicky. Great job!
  11. I’ve been coming to these boards for over 10 years and I’ve yet to see a uniform reveal that you group of grumps like. That being said I said I love these uniforms. They’re a modern version of a 20 year old uniform design. It’s 2018 not every team is going to have uniforms like Alabama (says the diehard Bama fan).
  12. Terrible design, awful execution. Why not have the logo orange at least.
  13. Louisville...the uniform is an abomination but I think the worst part are the names on the back...just awful. Also you all see Virginia's helmets?
  14. Geoff is correct and the fact that it was an homage to the state flag could have been part of the problem; some believe the diagonal red bars are an homage to the Confederacy. Sounds like people who need to have something to complain about. I don't remember the spears connecting to the back being a way to tie in to the Florida flag. With a white helmet it would make sense. With gold, black and garnet helmets it doesn't. I'm no Florida historian but a simple google search will show you why they choose the style of the flag. Florida started as a Spanish territory. The banner of the Spanish Empire was flown during that time. That flag is called 'Cross of Burgundy' which is a white flag with red diagonal crosses. This is what the current flag pays homage to. The state of Alabama's flag is that way for the same reason. Southern Alabama was originally part of Spanish Florida.
  15. 'UA is struggling right now to even execute the basic principles of uniform design' Really? I would wholeheartedly disagree with this statement. UA's uniforms this year have been fanastic.
  16. Loving the all green for the Irish. They're playing at Fenway home of the green monster so it's fitting. Also the 11 breaks in the stripes are said to represent the 11 titles the football team has won. I'm totally drinking the kool-aide
  17. Anybody know when Notre Dame is unveiling this years Shamrock Series uniforms?
  18. And when exactly are they going to be playing a game in the dark so you can see this effect? Can't believe how many people believe they'd actually wear uniforms that glow-in-the-dark. It's a promotional thing they're doing for their poster and on department-wide social media accounts. If people would look at the jerseys they were wearing today at their media day, they'd see they're exactly the same jerseys from the past season.It's just the same 3M reflective material Nike has been using for years. The only time the "glow in the dark" effect will be visible in games is in pictures when photographers use flashes.There is a difference between reflective and glow. This is not light reflecting off the material. This has color in it. It's clearly a photoshop done to promote the 'glow in the dark' poster. It looks awesome but in no way will this happen on a football field. Come on guys we're smarter than that...
  19. On the topic of Oregon. I think they'll have the yellow jersey they've been wearing the past few years and the rest will be the new mac speed. A player posted on this Twitter that they get all the seasons jerseys at the beginning of the year and showed a pic of the same yellow we're used to.
  20. I can slightly see what looks to be black wing decals on the side of the helmet. Maybe. Based off of what we've seen with this new A&M black helmet I think it's a safe bet that these Oregon black helmets will do the same thing. I think you're right. It might look cool if they actually played in the dark. (Obvious photoshop below) Won't these helmets just be black under the lights? Yea good point. I would hope the designer of the 'technology' would have tested this in real life conditions. We'll all find out soon.
  21. I can slightly see what looks to be black wing decals on the side of the helmet. Maybe. Based off of what we've seen with this new A&M black helmet I think it's a safe bet that these Oregon black helmets will do the same thing.
  22. I love the helmets because of the symbolism. "The Flying formation on the helmet celebrates veterans of all military branches and is inspired by jet formations that pay tribute to fallen soldiers"
  23. Oregon's Spring Game Uniforms: http://news.nike.com/news/oregon-continues-spring-game-uniform-tradition-to-salute-the-day
  24. Good thing at second glace you could read the on screen score box and see who's playing. Come on guys it's not THAT bad out there. You can tell without stressing too hard who is who. It's not like Minnesota comes out dressed in Maze and Blue or Oregon is wearing Orange and White. We should rename the thread to 'college football 2014 season COMPLAINTS'