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  1. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS5
  2. I'm using Photoshop and Illustrator
  3. Hello.This is my first concept idea: I'm putting together a ficitonal baseball league that takes place in cities all over the world.... There will be 6 Divisions (Leagues) 1.) North American (MLB, Canadian, Mexican, Central American, Caribbean) 2.) South American (Andes and Atlantic) 3.) African (Sahara and Congo) 4.) European (Scandinavian, Mediterranean, and 2 others for the west) 5.) Asian (Middle East, Himalayan, Far East) 6.) Oceanic (Continental and Island) I'm including all of the MLB teams and will include all of the Divisions with the exception of Toronto who will be in Canadian.... I've been using minor league teams for the Mexican Division and I have one team done for the Caribbean... If anyone has ideas or concepts to contribute for Logos, Teams, Division patches, league patches, uniforms, anything that would be so awesome!!! My first team is the Cayman Islands Turtles (Note: I'd prefer cities to countries)
  4. These are really clever!
  5. I think these look great! Keep up the great work!!