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  1. My Ideal Florida Panthers: I didn't change much about the Panthers current jerseys, the biggest difference being the blue added to the stripes. The other tweaks are minor, for example the primary logo now says "Florida" on both jerseys. New Look Florida Panthers: Next up I wanted to try a concept with the underside of the sleeves being a contrasting colour. The leaping panther becomes the primary logo, and I sublimated the Florida state flag (from the Panthers alternate logo) on the sleeves.
  2. My Ideal Carolina Hurricanes: The hurricane flag pattern comes from Carolina's 1997-2013 jerseys, the number font and extended road yoke come from their current set, while the sleeve striping pattern is new. I also removed the silver outline from their logo. New Look Carolina Hurricanes: I had an idea to try hurricane flags on the upper-sleeves, which worked best using black as the home jersey colour. There's also stripes on the cuffs and hem, a block font for the name and numbers, and once again I ditched the silver from their primary logo.
  3. My Ideal San Jose Sharks: These are based off of the Sharks current jerseys, but with hem stripes added and their fin logo as a shoulder patch. The striping of the road jersey was altered to use more teal. New Look San Jose Sharks: And here's a concept which uses teal for the pants, gloves, and (home) helmets. I chose their newest full-body shark as the primary logo, with the matching partial shark as the secondary logo. The striping pattern consists of standard sleeve and hem stripes.
  4. Bonus concept (completely unrelated to this series, I just didn't want to start a new thread). 2019 NHL Winter Classic: The Blackhawks jersey is meant to be a combination of their original black-and white jerseys and their barber-pole jerseys. The Bruins jersey is (for the most part) based off of their 1939-48 white jersey.
  5. My Ideal St. Louis Blues: I really like the Blues current jerseys (minus the white numbers), which is reflected by my "ideal" set. The biggest change is removing the gap in the arm and hem stripes, any other changes are pretty minor. New Look St. Louis Blues: My goal here was to give the Blues a fresh look, while using their original royal blue and yellow colour scheme. For the logos, I curved the top of the blue-note and used their roundel as a shoulder patch. I wanted to keep the striping pattern simple and clean, and I tried numbers on the pants just to experiment a bit. Also, sorry it's been so long since the last concept.
  6. My Ideal Ottawa Senators: For my ideal concept, I returned the Senators to a black home jersey, used their updated 2D logo as the primary, and put two sets of stripes on the sleeves (and socks). New Look Ottawa Senators: I also had this idea for a modern barber-pole pattern, using red and fading black stripes. Those stripes are limited to a sleeve-length yoke on the white jersey, and I used the same logos as the previous concept (the updated 2D logo on the front and the old peace tower logo on the shoulders).
  7. My Ideal Boston Bruins: My favourite Bruins jerseys are their 1967-74 set, which this concept is mostly based off of. I did make a few small changes though, including adding serifs to the logo, and using their current name and number font. New Look Boston Bruins: I then wanted to try a concept using brown and gold (not yellow), so I made this. For the primary logo I used their B on its own, and I kept the striping pattern fairly simple.
  8. It's been a few months, but I'm back with another double concept. My Ideal Tampa Bay Lightning: My "Ideal" concept is based off of the Lightning's current look but with a few changes, including adding contrasting yokes, using a brighter blue, removing any black, and (most importantly) bringing back the victory stripes. New Look Tampa Bay Lightning: The sleeves of my second concept feature a lightning bolt design, which connects to form a contrasting name-plate on the back of the jersey. I also experimented with navy blue instead of royal blue, and used the circular bolt from their roundel as the primary logo. The name and number fonts are the same on both concepts, as they seemed to fit both concepts well.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, I think the added blue really helps balance the colours on the road jersey. I couldn't get home jersey to work with that area coloured in though, so I just left it as is.
  10. Nashville Predators: The Nashville Predators simplified their jerseys with the switch to Adidas, but they went too far and now their jerseys are bland. This concept is my attempt at keeping the simplicity of their new jerseys, while avoiding the blandness.
  11. Carolina Hurricanes: I've always been a fan of the Hurricanes red equipment, as it makes them more unique among red and black teams. But I also think their new home jersey would look better with black equipment, so that's what I used here (at least for the red jersey, the white jersey keeps the red pants). Additionally, I made the widths of the stripes consistent between the two jerseys, and added the sublimated hurricane-flag-pattern to the road jersey's hem. Thanks for the feedback, I tried that out below and I definitely think it's an improvement.
  12. I love that green Canucks alt! The vintage V logo looks great on those double white stripes. My only suggestion would be to thicken the number outlines, they don't stand out as nicely compared to the logo. The rest of this series is very good as well, there's not a single concept I don't like so far.
  13. Calgary Flames: I was planning on tweaking the Flames current jerseys (removing the flags and side panels, and adding more of a hem stripe), but I decided to just go with their retro jerseys instead. That's funny, the whole time I was making that Devils concept, I kept thinking someone was going beat me to the punch and post something identical. And honestly, your entire NHL's Biggest Losers Series almost exactly matches the "fixes" I had in my head for each team. I guess great minds do think alike (or the fixes are somewhat obvious, and the teams are silly for not going in that direction in the first place).
  14. New Jersey Devils: I wish the Devils hadn't made any changes to their previous jerseys, but here's my attempt at making their new set work. I changed the ratio of their arm stripes to resemble their last striping pattern, and then added a bit more along the hem.
  15. All of these concepts are great! You fixed exactly what needed fixing for each of these teams.