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  1. Some rumors were flying around last week that Notre Dame would wear green vs. Florida State at home this Saturday. The following jersey has shown up on the bookstore in the past couple of weeks: Here is a mockup of what it would look like on the field: Personally, not a fan of the navy blue numbers. I think the greens look much better with white or gold numbers with the opposite color as the outline.
  2. Butler has updated their uniforms, and added a blue set. From what I understand, they will still wear black on the road most of the time (unfortunately) and the blues will be used as an alternate.
  3. If ND does end up coming out in green vs. UM, I hope it looks something like this:
  4. Butler has added a gray alternate to the rotation.
  5. Updated look coming for Butler this season. Hinkle Fieldhouse is featured in the sublimated design on the back of the jerseys. Via: @ButlerMBB
  6. Albeit a very small change, it appears Notre Dame has tweaked their monogram. I would assume this change will show up on the sleeves of the uniforms this upcoming season. Old: New: Below is a link to Notre Dame's updated Athletics Branding page: http://onmessage.nd.edu/athletics-branding/logos/monogram/
  7. Butler also re-painted the court at Hinkle Fieldhouse this past month, using the new logo and wordmark. Added "HINKLE FIELDHOUSE" to the sideline as well. https://twitter.com/butlertickets/status/632274790028546048
  8. If the tweets by the NDFootball account and Brian Kelly are any indication, they will be unveiled tomorrow.
  9. Butler University has tweaked the bulldog logo: https://twitter.com/butleru/status/585444590993432576 A link to the complete University rebranding: https://www.butler.edu/marketing/logos Hoping these changes lead to Butler finally cleaning up their identity on the hardwood next season.
  10. If you read that post of mine, it starts out with me claiming that adidas is ?ucking up ND. I agree with your and other people's sentiments about what a ND uni should look like. You can tweak and alter and throwback, but gold pants and gold helmet and as few stripes on them as possible. Then I took a shot at ND's "winning tradition" , not their uni tradition, but I can see the confusion. It made sense in my head. Then I unnecessarily called out a moron (that seems superfluous in hindsight. He's still a moron, this just isn't the place for such mockery). So sorry for that, but my critique of the program still stands. I am a die hard Notre Dame fan, but I can understand why you, and many other people hate the University and its Football team. We usually get enough of that stuff everywhere else though, haha. Wasn't trying to be a snob, because I really do appreciate your work, and what you bring to the board.
  11. Quick nit pick: Notre Dame is the home team for the game they will be wearing these jerseys. Appreciate you making this mock-up though.
  12. So i take it you don't like Notre Dame huh? Jeesh, give it a rest dude you sound butt-hurt. You're gonna have traditionalists and non-traditionalists everywhere you go. Notre Dame has beautiful uniforms as it stands, with a lot of history behind them, so you're bound to have people upset and torn on the issue. Would there be the same amount of people mad if Adidas created radically different uniforms for IU Basketball? I have no doubt there would. Keep the hate for ND fans on a different board.
  13. Wow, that's pretty sweet man! I don't know about you guys, but Mizzou came after us a couple years ago and made us start getting rid of the logo...not too long after we put it all over the school and our sports unis BOOOOO!!!!! Just kidding man, nice to see someone else from the area here! Ahhh nothing is as good as the old Plymouth-Warsaw rivalry. Had the pleasure of guarding Nic Moore in 2009 and 2010. If you happened to be at the Plymouth game in 2010 at the Tiger Den and remember the little scuffle, I was one of the players right in the middle of it haha. Miss the high school days. Always thought Plymouth and Warsaw was one of the best uniform matchups as well. Cant beat the Red and White vs. the Orange and Black in front of a packed house at The Rock or the Tiger Den. While I can't say much about football, we do have bragging rights in basketball. Although we'll probably go downhill with the Nic Moore era over...
  14. Other teams in the Norther Lake Confrence (Indiana) Other teams in our confrence (Northern Lakes) Warsaw Tigers Elkhart Memorial Chargers