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  1. 99% of these are incredibly well done. The Texans redesign is amazing.
  2. Underwhelming to say the least. Could have went white helmet with Pat the Patriot and would have been a solid set. Keeping the solver helmet really ruins it for me.
  3. No you are definitely right. The Kelly was more the Jaworski set. They did go a little darker in the late 80s into the 90s, but I still consider Reggie is a product of the "Kelly Era". Miss that guy. All the birds need to do for a modern uni is take the Reggie set and do some slight tweaks to it. To me it is just about perfect.
  4. Greatest Eagles Unis of all-time. Pure class right here.Full Eagle Logo, block numbers Kelly Green.Spectacular
  5. Awesome Work here. Size: 1366x768 Medium: Embroidery Link to logo (must be at least 750x750 pixels): My link Background: Please use the background from above Phillies logo and Size: 1366x768 Medium: Letterpress Link to logo (must be at least 750x750 pixels): My link Background: Please use the background from above Eagles logo Thanks so much. God bless.
  6. Here is my 2012 Miami Dolphins Marlins Home uniform. I think this is an interesting way to make the colors actually work on a baseball uniform.
  7. Love the Eagles concept. Really is so much better than what the birds have right now. Their current set is so boring, and cannot stand the black they decided to go with. Being a big Eagles fan, I gotta say your Cowboys set looks horrific. Almost like a USFL set. However, being an Iggles fan, the worse the Cowboys look the better. lol
  8. Blue is one of the primary Phillies colors. How can that be bad? Whatever bud, to each their own. Other than the blue, any other problems?
  9. I agree with ya. Only thing I can tell you is that today many teams wear gray road uniforms. In the 70s and 80s, those gray uniforms were the powder blues that many teams adopted. It's a throwback jersey, and what I made here is a road alternate jersey for the Phils. In my opinion, it is time for them to put the "Philadelphia" script on their jerseys. If "San Francisco" can get crammed onto the Giants jerseys, "Philadelphia" should be no problem.
  10. This is my next attempt at reinventing the Phillies road uniforms. I went with the 73 colors with the blue and maroon and added my "Philadelphia" script I made with the last concept. This is pretty much just a recolor, aside from the hat.
  11. Phillies logo is beautiful. I would make it their current red, though, as I don't think they will be going back to the Phillies maroon anytime soon.
  12. Wow. Really well done. Full orange uniforms usually are a put off, but the balance with the blue and white is genius. Well done. And the logo is top notch.
  13. Great lookin' shark. Major upgrade. Only advice would be to use more gray on the shark.
  14. I like what you've done with these, but there is something a little blah with them in my opinion. Especially the Broncos who have a stellar uniform set on the field already. It's unique and modern. I think this would be better served as a retro-restyling for these teams. If that's the case, you are spot on with these.
  15. I like the diagonal slant idea, but I think it would look too much like the Nationals jersey. Great suggestions, though.