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  1. Size: 1600x900 Medium: Embroidery Arsenal Crest Background Color: Lighter Red in Crest Size: 1600x900 Medium: Embroidery Modesto Nuts Logo Background Color: Black Size: 1600x900 Medium: Embroidery Lakeland Flying Tigers Logo Background Color: Royal Blue in image Size: 1600x900 Medium: Embroidery Minnesota Swarm Logo Background Color: Same color Yellow as in Logo Please and Thanks! These all look awesome!
  2. Georgia Carroll These came out fantastic! Thanks
  3. Could I get the Georgia G logo on red and the Carroll University C on orange both 1600x900 Please and Thanks
  4. Check out this website and you can see all the kits for this season LINK
  5. If anyone is really into helmet designs especially, this guys covers all helmet designs and he's done a nice trying to keep his high school section up to date. LINK
  6. Florida State. The only team other than Ohio State whose helmets actually look better with pride stickers. I completely agree that Florida State and Ohio State's helmet's look great with pride stickers but I don't think they're the only ones. Eventhough I may be a little biased towards Georgia since I'm a Dawgs fan, I find their pride stickers to help their simple design. It's one simple sticker that just changes with the color.