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  1. Here's a list of all the names they didn't go with: https://www.masslive.com/worcester/2019/11/journey-to-woosox-here-are-all-217-other-names-that-didnt-get-chosen-for-worcester-red-sox-new-name.html As for the name and logo as a life-long Central MA resident, I like it. Woo-ster , Wis-tah, I don't care just never put an H in the city's name.
  2. https://thisweekinworcester.com/massachusetts-pirates-officially-announced-dcu-center/ Their helmet has also been released http://www.wbjournal.com/ARTICLE/20171115/NEWS01/171119962 Zoomed in look at the helmet
  3. 32 teams and still none from Boston. Can't catch a break even in a what if league. Do want to see a good version of the NY Dragons when you get there with some green(like the unused logo) rather than the red, black & yellow they used before 2009.