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  1. Looking forward to seeing some others, Dusseldorf was done brilliantly!
  2. Some possible changes I would look at: San Antonio in place of Austin (home of Texas Longhorns) in the Southwest Salt Lake City, Portland in the Northwest Birmingham, Charleston, Jackson (MS), Orlando or Raleigh for the South in place of Macon and Greenville Des Moines instead of Sioux Falls in the North Central maybe move Louisville to the north and include Jackson, Mississipi in the east and remove Columbus (home of Ohio State)
  3. I would like to see the CBA's Yakima Sun Kings return as an affiliate for the Seattle Supersonics if/when they return
  4. Big fan of the Northlanders, Highlanders and Beavers concepts but I'm not feeling any of the Kraken logos and the Nordiques logo is pretty horrible, if your going to do the nordiques you could crete a better logo than anything they've used in the past, maybe something that incorporates the Chateau Frontenac?
  5. i say the second colour scheme with a forest green instead of the bright lime green
  6. I personally do think that Markham is behind Quebec City and Hamilton as relocation or expansion destinations, however, Your Halifax Highlanders concept was amazing and so well planned out, i can't wait for this and any future hockey franchise concepts you develop. I'm really interested in the Northlanders idea
  7. This is a great concept. Good work
  8. I prefer the yellow colour scheme in the real Cedevita Zagreb court
  9. not a fan of the logo, i think something that emphasizes the Fluer-de-lis like your logo that you posted on another thread rather than the 'N' would be better or the N inside the star that you have posted in the past
  10. Just a point about Sri Lanka... their national colours for sports are Royal Blue and Yellow. so you should add some blue to the maroon and yellow kit
  11. This is the best of the three Charlotte Hornets concepts I've seen recently. I don't like the idea of Purple, Blue and Orange (I prefered the New Orleans hornets Yellow & Blue or Aqua and Yellow) but you make it work
  12. Is there some ways we can change the Browns name too, to something other than Browns? I kinda want to change the 49ers and Bills names too