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    Other interests include yoga (both teaching and practicing), Star Trek and sci fi in general, good anime and well written steampunk.
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  1. The black with the white logo outlined with red just pops out, would look spectactular on a hat or on the chest of an alt black jersey. I'd stay away from brown or orange because of the connection those colors have with Browns - black and red would be unique for a Cleveland team. The Reds use black only as a trim color, so there'd be a definate contrast with their uniforms.
  2. Football: Clay Matthews Baseball: Joey Votto Basketball: Jeremy Lin MMA: Brock Lesnar
  3. First off, the color scheme is fantastic - the winter colors are very striking for a summer league team! I think you should go with just the B on the hat and leave off the snowflake. The yeti is very cool and much more manly than the snowflake logo. I think, though, that you could just go with the yeti's face above an F or B as an option for a sleeve logo.
  4. This is an interesting idea. Were you thinking brown vest with white sleeves, to match the logo? Or a more traditional white vest with brown sleeves? The first one is what I was thinking about and your design #2 hit it on the nose and I think it looks great. You wanted something different, so the dark vest with the white sleeves stands out. personally, I don't find it jarring and a refreshing compared to the traditional look of light vest with dark sleeves. BTW, sorry I didn't reply before now, havn't been online in a while.
  5. The forearms and hands on the lumberjack are awfully skinny compared to the upper arms/shoulders. Try bulking his arms up a bit.
  6. Great stuff! Really like the work so far. Very much like the Wranglers colors and the logo is very nice. Think you missed an opportunity to go with a sleeveless alternate jersey to evoke the vest of the wrangler in the logo.
  7. Sorry I havn't been following recently - gotta say the last few sets have been excellent. The font you used for the Buffalos is really sharp and the Lions look is classic - that's a uniform that everyone would be happy to see on the field. I like the secondary logo you created better than the primary! I missed the part about the Fighters logo being drawn from the Hokkaido flag, but I still think it needs a stronger contrast. I dunno, maybe I just like the compass thing on the current more than I realized! Keep up the good work and I'll be interested to see what you update down the road. Thanks!
  8. I'm sorry to say that I don't think this one works as well as some of the others. The colors themselves are good but the pale blue as the primary sleeve and helmet color looks kinda wimpy on the home uniform and having the jet under the team name looks very minor league to my eyes. Use the dark blue of the away uniforms with the script from the alternate and I think you'll have a winner. The first alternate looks bad, like the uniforms got bleached or something. I'm assuming you were going for a kind of camoflaged look? It just looks kind of sloppy, I'm afraid. The logo "star" blends in too much with the F on the cap and helmet - I think it needs to be a little bit larger and contrast more with the color of the F. It also looks a bit like a snowflake, which doesn't really say Fighters to me. Sorry if I seem harsh.
  9. Umm... You forgetting about the defending World Champions being in the Central? Who, the team who, despite an amazing run at the end of the season, still needed the Braves to tank, the Brewers to commit fielding error after fielding error and the Rangers to choke? Whose best pitcher is coming off Tommy John, which takes a full season of pitching to get back to 100%, whose other top two pitchers pitched heavy innings and will feel the effects in 2012 (Carpenter and Garcia), all of whose major offensive threats are injury prone (Freese, Berkman, Beltran and Holliday)? No, I'm not forgetting them - I'm just dismissing them. The Reds upgraded their rotation with Latos, who didn't have a great win/loss record but who also pitched on a team with no offense. The Reds offense is incredibly potent. They brought in an almost unhittable 8th inning guy in Marshell and the best closer on the market in Madsen. It might be a three team race for a while, but the Cards won't get another playoff spot gifted to them again and the Brewers are going to miss Fielders bat even if Braun doesn't get suspended.
  10. Would not surprise me to see the Nationals have a say in who wins the NL East. Don't think they'll make the playoffs (unless the extra wild card round is in play for 2012 - bleah) but how the Phillies and Braves do against Washington might prove important. I'm expecting the Mets to be slightly better than a AAA team and for all the talent that the Marlins brought in, there's also the potentional for an epically toxic clubhouse as well! That said, be ready for the Reds to come out of the gate firing on all cylinders and running away with the NL Central. Reds v. Tigers in the 2012 series would be a great series!
  11. Hey guys, thanks for the positive feedback! I'm looking forward to the Fighters as well, it's definitely a different direction for them on the way! But I'm going alphabetically through each league and Hokkaido isn't until the third team in the PBL. Tadasimha, I buy your feedback on the G in the Giants' logo. I'll see if I can widen the gap in the G a little. Also, I'm not super thrilled with the colors on the CBL logo, but I'm kinda stuck in how to liven up the colors without getting predictable... I'm open to suggestions! With regards to the CBL logo, at first I thought about adding a light blue to the shadow on Fuji or maybe blue instead of brown in the "sky", but now I think you should try it with a stronger green and maybe tone down the brown a little - don't make it tan, per se, just not as dark so a bold green would really pop. Re-rebranding Yokohma to the Whales is a great idea and the uniform design and logo are a huge improvement over what they currently have.
  12. Thanks, do you have a favorite on the 2 options? Beaver #1 or Beaver #2? The first one with the coonskin cap on is my personal favorite. The beaver sitting on the ball is very generic and the other one is too cartoony for my tastes. I like the fact that the first one has a little attitude going for it, something about the eyes.
  13. Great stuff! I'm a big baseball fan and follow the NPB throughout the season. I'm looking forward to see what you do with my adopted NPB team, the Fighters! Would love to see what you do with the KBO teams as well! I really like the change in the Carp look, moving away from the Reds look-alikes they've had for awhile now. The Tigers cap logo is excellent and I think the Pacific League logo and flag are really sharp. The Central League logo is nice but seems a little bland next to the Pacific logo, maybe it's the color scheme. I found the G you used on the Giants secondary logo and hat logo is too tight and turns itself into more of a circle - it took me a moment before I saw that it was a G and not another letter or just a design behind the T.
  14. I think you've come up with a good color scheme and I really think you came up with a great team name. Keep working at it and you'll have something really good.
  15. I've gotten to be a big fan of Dan Shulman calling the game. The local cardinal's broadcaster had the feed from ESPN radio last night and even with Bobby Valentine on, it was much better than Buck and McCarver. When I was a kid growing up in the Cincinnati area, we used to mute the tv so we could have the radio call of Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall on while we watched the game.