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  1. jcampo6

    raysox's A-League

    Are you going to do a Gold Coast team? They used to have a team in the A-League until the owner messed up and the A-League revoked their league license and the franchise folded in 2012. Gold Coast is the sixth largest city in Australia and they have two very nice stadiums for use. You brought back North Queensland Fury. I don't see why not Gold Coast United as well.
  2. I agree. The Chicago Wolves look is very classy and professional. I love their burgundy and gold color scheme. It is really unique and works well. I actually own their dark jersey. The whole organization is superb and a gold standard in how a minor league franchise should be run especially considering they are in a market with a NHL franchise.
  3. Well they could name them the Seals after the old NHL team that was based in the Bay Area. That would be a wise choice for the Sharks to do. It brings back an old name to the fray and the seal is an aquatic animal so it goes perfect with the marine animal theme.
  4. I think realistically it's unlikely. Lamborghini is a brand owned by VAG. If they come in then three of the manufacturers in LMP1 will be from one company. I don't think that should happen. Different companies have to race like Ferrari, Ford, BMW, and Peugeot. That would make the field in LMP1 it all the more interesting not having half the field being from VAG.
  5. Soccer colours of blue for Japan. The red and white helmet Kaz suggested for the helmet and logo would indeed look good. Also yes as DScruggy729 said be sure to make Italy blue/white as well as orange for The Netherlands once you get to them.
  6. I'm surprised you didn't have RB Leipzig. Red Bull owns the club and is trying to make them reach the Bundesliga soon. They got promoted to 3. Liga this year after going undefeated last season in the Regionalliga and winning in the promotion playoff. With the Red Bull investment, they have a good chance at advancing into the top flight in the upcoming years.
  7. Yes. Orlando got a real life MLS expansion approved last week. They will join in 2015 along with NYCFC. They will be known as Orlando City. That is a certainty.
  8. Yes but he is incorporated an eagle similar to the one seen in the Manchester City crest but he made it a bald eagle instead to make it more American.
  9. jcampo6

    The America League

    I liked the idea people brought up of doing a fourth division America Three. There are cities I feel were strangely left out such as Vancouver and Kansas City. Also I noticed how there was no team from Hawaii. You got teams from Aruba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and The Bahamas but none in Hawaii. Plus having a team in Boise would be interesting to see. It'll be real nice plus you mentioned how there is a fourth division so why not do it? We clearly want more of this wonderful series.
  10. North Carolina was not an AQ. A conference needs six members in order to have it. ACC lacrosse only has four.
  11. jcampo6

    A-League Redesign

    Not to mention dropping Vancouver and Montreal from a MLS design as well.
  12. I agree with this. The secondary logo should be the primary. Besides this it's really great.
  13. jcampo6

    The America League

    Yes it is. Many European leagues do this most notably Germany and Italy. Here in the U.S. MLS does so too with each star on the kit representing one MLS Cup. Patrick this is a great series and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I too like the tradition of European soccer and the promotion and relegation system. Am hoping someday in the near future MLS might consider adding a second division (MLS-2) and have promotion and relegation between the two.
  14. Very nice for the Denver Riders. Real Western feel which is what you expect from a team based in Colorado the open rein. Color scheme really fits. Well done again.
  15. The sixth team you are missing are the Tampa Bay Barracudas. Judging by the team name and seeing they are one of the newer franchises I expect a nice modern cool logo.