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  1. Here is a picture my friend took at Chesapeake Energy Arena. They're just putting it together, but it does look like the Thunder have a new court.
  2. Are the Mavs the first team to ever wear three different alternate jerseys, all the same design but in three different colors? The first incarnation... And the second...
  3. Check out these unique jerseys for the University of North Texas lacrosse team.
  4. I agree that they are wearing the sleeves properly and it does look good, but IMO they should have gone with white undersleeves. It would have looked even better as a continuation of the white jerseys.
  5. Wait, according to this site the Mavs stopped using those after 00-01 (which is unbelievable enough, haha) and the Sixers started using their blue alts in 01-02. Oh man, there must be a ton of good ones with these Mavs unis. aren't those throwbacks??? I thought the last iteration of that style had dallas on both the home and road but I could be wrong. Those are the real deal. You can see the old Reunion Arena in the background. The Mavs made the switch to their new style when they moved to the AAC.
  6. A couple more... This one makes a good argument for how good it would look if OU got some crimson pants This was a game I was at in 2009. Loved the Thunder's orange shoes versus the Mavs (then) alternate jersey. Really glad they switched to that shade of blue last year.
  7. After this weekends Tampa Bay/Carolina game, I got to thinking about a few great color match ups. In a similar looking game from last year, Volunteers vs. Tar Heels And from the SEC game last week, LSU vs. Georgia What are some of your favorite color match ups?
  8. I believe the Bucs are one of the few major teams with two distinct and memorable looks that can be used. Their creamsicles are as unique as their current package, and I think they both can be used effectively.
  9. Oklahoma has been designated the home team for the Insight Bowl, so they will be wearing their crimson tops versus Iowa in white.