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  1. JLopesXC

    CCBL logo

    Just been picking away at this during school and I feel this is much more complete, if I could get some CC that'd be dope. Thanks!
  2. JLopesXC

    CCBL logo

    Here is an update, hopefully I'll get back to redoing teams for this series also C+C please and thank you
  3. JLopesXC

    CCBL logo

    Yooooo, haven't posted on here in awhile. Revisiting this Cape Cod Baseball League series I did on here a few years ago and here are a few mocks I did of the league logo to start out. 15 stitches are shown for the 15 towns on cape, not including the islands. Also they're supposed to look like the Bourne/Sagamore bridges one would go over to get here, but i suppose I could've let you all figure that out yourselves. Any C+C is appreciated, trying to figure out which direction to go in. Thanks!
  4. Haven't been to the boards much at all recently but this is one of the better series/posts I've seen on here in awhile. MIN- I don't like the two outlines on the Wolves home, take out the white stroke between the blue type and green outer stroke for consistency's sake. The blue and green contrast enough on the rest of the uniforms why not there. The rest is gorgeous. MIL- Agreed that the Bucks primary is out of date-ish. Try adjusting the current buck logo? I get the history there but, I'd rather have a mean buck over a happy reindeer-lookin mf. MIA- I love the palm tree logo for the Heat but make that a secondary logo, a lot of teams have unique roundel type logos as secondaries that look great below neck collars or on shorts and I think yours suits that well as Miami's primary is stronger than ever right now at this point in the teams history. Love the whole set otherwise though. MEM- Replace the teal/light blue color and try replacing it with the a green that's close to the Tams jersey color maybe? Has potential to look very earthy that combines a lot of eras for Memphis and would have a unique color scheme. KC- I love the whole train theme and location, the primary could be stronger. Try getting away from taking details straight from an image, because it's simplistic and not dynamic enough. Like, the logo looks like a parked train when you could use a lot more interesting angles to exaggerate its movement (See Round Rock Express/ Syracuse Cheifs of Minor League Baseball) That's it for now! Very well done, great series overall.
  5. Barnstable Bats colors are updated. I plan on going through each team in the Upper Cape Division before making updates to previous teams/moving on to the Lower Cape Division. Team #4) Cotuit Kettleers So this team had me stumped for quite a few days before I found a design I liked. With such an obscure name I had to make it simple, for there's not much you can do with a team named after a kettle. The names history is pretty neat though, here's the reasoning right from the Kettleers website: "More than 300 years ago, according to legend, the Indians bartered with the early settlers for the land on which the villages of Cotuit and Santuit now stand. The terms of the sale were a brass kettle with a hoe thrown in for good measure. Thus, the Cotuit baseball team?s nickname, KETTLEERS, was derived from that early real estate transaction." C+C still greatly apprciated, every post helps. Falmouth will be next and they may or may not maintain the "Explorers" name, we'll see how it goes!
  6. The image didn't work but this sounds like an awesome series, I'll be looking forward to following it. I like the whole background to the series, it makes things much more interesting. Good luck with everything and welcome aboard!
  7. So I haven't gotten much C+C, but I put this next team together the past few days and I'm extremely happy with how it came out #3 Barnstable Bats. The background with this team comes from the Barnstable Bat Company. Being an expansion team with no history, it's fitting that the name comes from a company that's only been around since 1992. Barnstable Bats have been in use all across not only the CCBL but the Majors as well. I thought using the animal would be a fun identity to play with and it's underused in sports. Quick, speedy, and vicious here's the Barnstable Bats. **COLOR UPDATE**
  8. Bumpage...just because I edited previous posts rather than a new reply. whoopsies
  9. #2) Bourne Gatemen. I took Wareham out of the league for the sake of having all of the teams on the Cape side of the canal. If I get to the end and want to continue with teams I may expand back to Wareham but I digress. Bourne contains all three bridges that connect both sides of the Cape Cod Canal so I thought the name "Gatemen" was even more fitting for Bourne than Wareham. Here's just the logos/scripts for now, uniforms will come within the next few days along with the next team (Barnstable). So have at it.
  10. First team up the Bass River Runners. They would play in South Yarmouth where the current Y-D RedSox play at Red Wilson Field. South Yarmouth has a rich history of alcohol smuggling during the prohibition era. Larger boats would wait off shore while smaller boats would "run rum" up into the mouth of Bass River, hence Rum Runners, or in this case just Runners for short. I wanted to keep the uniforms simple I know they aren't very clean but I think you get the idea. Side note: Where can I find a better uniform template for photoshop CS3? C+C Appreciated! I'll do what I can with this before I move on to the next team. I really love all of these names. Wareham is gone due to the fact that they aren't actually located on Cape Cod, so there name was given to Bourne because the Bourne contains all three bridges that connect both sides of the Cape. Hyannis was between Senators and Presidents but I thought Senators sounded better, but it's still up in the air. If you don't mind Brian I would love to use Bog Sox for Harwich. I wanted to do something Cranberry themed, I thought of Harvesters and Boggers but Bog Sox is great. Some of these teams I'm still up in the air about for names, I may just continue brainstorming up until I get to each team.
  11. Whats up everyone. So I'm super excited to finally be posting this because for the past two weeks I've been brainstorming the heck out of this project and I think I've got to the point where I'd like some C+C. But first here is the low down. The Cape Cod Baseball League one of the countries best Collegiate summer baseball leagues. Hundreds of players have gone through this league at one point or another and it provides for some really great baseball to watch here in Massachusetts during the summer. Having been into sports logos for some time now, this is where the league lacks...drastically in most cases (see here: http://v2.capecodbaseball.org/). Some teams however, do have great names with not so great logos (Kettleers, Gatemen, Whitecaps). Some teams just use major league logos combined with the town name (Y-D Red Sox, Harwich Mariners, Bourne Braves). And a few have recently ditched their major league ties and completely rebranded due to copyright infringement ( Anglers formerly known as the Chatham A's, Orleans Firebirds were the Cardinals, Hyannis Harbor Hawks were the Mets, etc. etc.). The league logo isn't all that bad, but it's getting tossed too. So anywho, my goal through this process is to cut loose on all Major League names, and rebrand the entire league. I'm only keeping a few names that are currently in the league, dismembering a regional team for two entire new identities, adding two new teams and folding one. I want to give each team a name that has a deeper meaning to the towns history in one way or another rather than just slapping on any old generic name. I really hope to grow with my design skills through this process but I think it's going to be pretty neat if I can finish it. So here's the map of the Cape with the league's new arrangement and the new league logo in the center (check the link above for comparison to the current logo). First team will be up tomorrow. **New Team Names/Locations** C+C on the league logo and even team name suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.
  12. Totally started from scratch after the advice I got, and I am a million times more satisfied this time around. I'll get to the scripts and alts soon now that I got this out of the way. Without further ado..
  13. Thank you so much 9ersteve, your advice really means a lot and I appreciate the time you spent giving me specifics as to how I can make my work better. I'll really take my time on this one and see what I can do. Thanks everyone for the criticism so far, I'm currently reworking everything I'll have an update in a day or two hopefully.
  14. Heyyyyy Everyone, so this is just a random concept I put together. I wanted to refine my photoshop drawing skills so I picked a random animal and took a stab at some tracing/my own drawing/revising and wanted to see what I came up with. So here are the Anaheim Cheetahs. Let's say the Kings move out of Sacramento, I guess this would be my take on them just because I had no idea where else to put a sports team named Cheetahs. C+C is very much appreciated, I would like to know how I can get better at doing my own logo designs so any suggestions help!
  15. I have two suggestions that I hope you consider. 1) Waves is a pretty boring name to be quite honest. Rhode Island gets pretty windy considering nearly the entire state is on the coast. I suggest you change the name to "Whitecaps". Here on Cape Cod there's a baseball team named the Brewster Whitecaps and I think it's a fantastic name, given that it sounds much more dynamic than "Waves". "Providence Whitecaps"/ "Rhode Island Whitecaps"> "Providence Waves". 2) Like many others have said I think you may need to fix/use less colors in the font, but if you were to change the name I hope simplifying it would be implied.