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  1. I read that they are doing it late in the day because it is Veterans day & want to allow everybody time to get there (I don't know why they say this). Also they want to unveil at 11:11 on 11/11/11. Maybe if they did it in the morning it would clash with something for Veterans day. Someone also asked for a link about the Marlins appearances on Saturday, here's who is scheduled to appear & which mall & at what times: http://florida.marlins.mlb.com/fla/fan_forum/events.jsp
  2. Can we take bets on how long it will take for the home run feature to get stuck in the up position or half way up? I hope they have a shut off switch so the lights don't keep blinking in the event it does get stuck in the up position, that would be such a distraction to hitters. Lol. Hopefully the feature doesn't end up like the teal wall did. Fully operational & then due to budget cuts had ads placed over it. I wonder if in a few years, they'll just leave it up & light it when their is a home run or something.
  3. I think Guillen & the Loria/Samson dictatorship is going to be a huge train wreck. Not excited for that at all.
  4. DO IT!!! lol Lmao is there any real trouble I could get in? I'd have to bring a back up hat for sure. Knowing Samson he'd have me arrested for counterfeiting lol. If you or someone else made your own one-off hat of a licensed (or rumored to be licensed) logo - as long as that hat is not offered for sale in any way shape of form - then there isn't much, if anything that could be done to you - other than the Marlins insisting that you remove the cap or leave the stadium (which would be perfectly within their rights). If they somehow coerced you into forfeiting the cap in return for allowing you to stay - then that's pretty darn close to an admission that the logo is legit. Your best bet would be to find a vendor who may not be aware of the fuss over this logo and order it there. They may just believe that they are producing a ridiculous looking "Miami" themed cap. Lol If they did make a big stink about it, all I'd have to say is that I bought it at a store, I had no idea the new merchandise wasn't available yet. Not something I'd really do, it was just a funny thought I had while driving home today & the Marlins commercial came on the radio. If anybody knows David Samsons personality you know he would himself over it Lol
  5. DO IT!!! lol Lmao is there any real trouble I could get in? I'd have to bring a back up hat for sure. Knowing Samson he'd have me arrested for counterfeiting lol.
  6. Okay guys, here's a good question for you. For the last game of the season the Marlins are having a huge celebration to honor the 19 seasons as the Florida Marlins. I go to about 30 games a year, but for the final game I scored some great tickets on Craigslist from a guy who has season tickets & gives them to business partners. He sold me $310 tickets for $40 each. The seats happen to be directly behind home plate 6 or 7 seats to the left of were Loria sits. I figure its the last game, they will have a lot of cool stuff going on, I got the tickets for a good price, might as well sit in great seats. Here's the question. How great would it be to go to Lids with this new hat logo & get a black hat made with the new Miami Marlins leaked logo & wear it to the last game on Wednesday? I imagine tons of big wigs will be down in the 30 or so seats in the section I'm going to be sitting. Loria will definitely be there with Samson & others from the front office. Would Samson flip if he saw me & ask where I bought this hat? Lol Would he think people are bootlegging the merchandise already? If somebody asks, do I say I made it at Lids? Lol Should I or shouldn't I? Keep in mind, I'm 6 or so seats to Lorias left & he will have to pass me to get to & from his seat. I'd be on camera every pitch with my Miami Marlins hat on also. Could I get in to any trouble with this?
  7. For what it's worth, Jorge Sedano from 790 The Ticket tweeted the following tonight: "@SedanoShow Did a 1 on 1 interview w/David Samson, He told me new #Marlins logo in paper is inaccurate & no further comment" Inaccurate may mean there is a slight variation of what we are seeing I suppose.
  8. And the blue on the bottom of the M is the water the Marlin is jumping out of & the red is the "dusk" or morning sky on a sun set or sun rise? If so that's something I didn't notice. Good eye.
  9. The black hats actually look pretty good.
  10. Shocker. He didn't confirm or deny anything, just sort of dodged the question by saying he hasn't seen any reaction & isn't looking for any reaction. He did say that all merchandise goes on sale 11/11/11 & that is in line with many of you are saying that a lot of the apparel & such is already in production and would be too late to change the logo. I'm personally not a huge fan of the logo. I'm not one to embrace change very easily. I think the current logo is great & I will be wearing my Florida Marlins hat for a long time to come. I'm a little nervous about the talk of perhaps orange hats or jerseys. I personally think the black hat & the blue hat don't look too bad. An all orange hat or jersey, I don't know. As a once in a while alternate I guess it's fine, but not an everyday thing in my opinion. Thanks for the discussion, it has been an interesting read from an outsider! Appreciate it! EDIT: A caller just called in & said if Samson can say a Yay or a Nay on the logo. Samson said the official logo will be released on 11/11/11. He didn't comment on the logo or give an answer.
  11. They asked Samson what he thought of the reaction of the leak of the new logo. He said he hasn't seen any reaction & he isn't looking at any of the reaction & it's a normal day for him & looking at reactions is not part of his normal day. There is no scandal, he said the team is CRAP (lol) the season is coming to an end & they are looking forward to next year. (Yes crap is a quote from Samsons mouth Lol). He kept plugging that the new logo will be released on 11/11/11 & it will be a great day & that all merchandise will be on sale 11/11/11. He said he cares very deeply about the brand & the franchise & everything will be released on 11/11/11. What I found interesting is that he did not say it was NOT the logo, he just said he didn't see any of the reactions to anything. That's all I can rely from the interview.
  12. Like I said, I'm not here to stir up anything. Just relying what Lebatard is saying on his show. I have no idea about graphics or anything like that, I am just a big Marlins fan & found this story interesting. I found this link on a blog & have read the whole thread from page 1. David Samson always comes on every week at 5 pm on Weds to talk Movies & Marlins. So I'm sure there will be questions about the logo. His appearance on the Lebatard show today is not to combat the logo leak necessarily as he is ALWAYS on the show Weds at 5. Samson will probably give a non-answer so we will see here in about 15-20 minutes. If you guys want to listen, you can stream at 790theticket.com. If not I'll rely what Samson says when the interview is over. Also I'm not co-signing anything threezero5 or whatever his name is saying. Just relying information being said on the airwaves locally.
  13. I don't know if he's wrong or not, just relying the information he said since Lebatard is the voice of Miami sports. They did also say, it is very Miami. The only way to make it more Miami was to put a bikini on the little Marlin or to sprinkle cocaine on the M. Lol. Also, they said this morning Samson gave mouth to mouth resuscitation to somebody who was involved in a car accident & the person died on the scene. So I'm sure some of the interview will revolve around that. Samson is always on the Lebatard show at 5:00 on Weds, so I don't expect much info from Samson today at 5 concerning this.
  14. Hey all, I came across this thread from a blog about the leaked logo. I live in Fort Lauderdale, so I listen to LeBatard daily. I'm in no way connected with the threezero5 guy, but what he said about LeBatard saying this is not the logo is correct. His show started at 3 & about 15 minutes ago he said the logo floating around is not a correct logo. Samson will be on at 5. You can stream the show & interview online at www.790theticket.com However after he said the logo was not correct, they did all say they liked the logo & at this day in age, 2011, there isn't anything you can do that hasn't already been done. So considering that, they all like the logo we are seeing here. He asked his co-hosts to name the last great logo & nobody could name one. Lol.