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  1. A-Rod and Michael Young in Washington Senators jerseys:
  2. Todd Zeile Tour Part Deux: New York Mets: Colorado: New York Yankees: Montreal:
  3. The Todd Zeile Tour: St. Louis: Chicago: Philadelphia: Baltimore: Los Angeles: Florida: Texas:
  4. That is Evgeni Nabokov. Belfour never wore the current jerseys. He's afraid of them. Actually you have to browse the site for the photo. Click on NHL/San Jose/Ed Belfour for the clip. Try this link: http://www.goaliesarchive.com/sharks/belfour.html
  5. How about a couple of well-travelled goalies: Ed Belfour with the Sharks http://www.goaliesarchive.com/sharks/goalie/belfour.jpg Tom Barasso with the Leafs http://www.goaliesarchive.com/leafs/goalie/barrasso.jpg
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