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  1. I honestly think it should, but that is just my opinion. Bring it down to 28 or 24 i say. It could help improve teams by not dilluting the talent level, and possibly with fewer teams, less games for people to chose to attend meaning higher attendance? I know most probably won't agree with me, but who would you contract if baseball got rid of some teams? I think a good idea would be like a college poll in a way. Take into affect wins, tv ratings, attendance, and some other stuff, and after 5 years which teams were at the bottom would get contracted or something <side note> Which pro logo do you think deserves an upgrade? MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, other?
  2. I need player stats from every year from 1990-present. I have found some sights, but they don't include tackles. I want player totals by year, not team totals. Any help would be great!
  3. Hi, I came here a while back looking for a logo for my league, thank you all again. I am looking not for old helmets, but old logos for NFL teams. I saw the The Sports Logo Encyclopedia link and went to it. About a month has passed and i never recieved the info to get into the site . Is there any other reputable site, or how can i find old team logos without getting the helmet ones? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I was wondering if ya'll would want to do a logo or give me an idea, concept, a vision or something for my league. I run CTL The Classic Tecmo League I was thinking something classy not one of those new trend logos. Something nice but crisp and good looking. Thanks, Gary Schultz aim: GorillaBrav email: