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  1. I hope Nike changes the Rams' gold to a more true yellow, like their throwbacks. I think their navy blue matched with the throwback yellow could be a great color combo. If this turns true, I also hope they unveil an alternate yellow jersey as well (someone photoshopped a version of this a while back on CCSLC and it was epic. Maybe if someone could find it, or mock a quick one up?)
  2. I second this. I third this. Also, I could see the Bengals with an orange matte helmet with shiny black stripe decals?
  3. As many of you have already noticed, matte helmets are one of the "in" things in college football this year. When Nike takes over the NFL next year, do you expect any NFL teams to change to matte helmets as well? Personally I can see teams like Detroit (essentially a grey matte helmet, rather than silver), Pittsburgh, Houston, etc. changing to matte. I'd like to hear all of your opinion's on this topic. Let's hear what you guys think
  4. Wow! Thanks for the wallpaper(s). They look great. The first one was the blue I was looking for btw. But would it be much of a hassle to make one more wallpaper? But instead of red as the main color, can it be white? Thanks a ton in advance!
  5. UPDATE So after hearing how much the Bengals resembled the Browns, I decided to try out the Bengals current number font since everyone's more used to seeing it. I also added the NFL logos, and I put the full body bengal on the back of the jersey, right below the collar. Many teams (Cardinals, Bills, Vikings, etc.) have it, and I believe the Bengals can have it since their main logo isn't on their helmets. I'd like to hear your guyses opinions before I make this a permanent change. Thanks And by the way, next up on my concepts is Denver, then probably Philly (which should be receiving a lot of hate/love)
  6. This is my first concept ever, I'm still trying to get the hang of Inkscape down. Progressively my concepts should look a lot more cleaner as the time goes on My original idea was to modernize Cincy's uni's from the Corey Dillon era, which I personally believe was one of their better uniforms
  7. And by the way, I only plan on doing concepts of teams that realistically could get new uniforms. It's very unlikely that I will be doing i.e. the Packers, Steelers, etc.
  8. To start off, I did the Cincinatti Bengals The stripes on the shoulders (and supposed to be the pants, it must not have saved) are supposed to have a tiger stripe watermark, inspired by the Korea Republic's soccer uniforms http://www.soccerpro.com/common/images/377486_611_Nike_South_Korea_Home_Jersey_2010_zm.jpg C&C Would Be Great
  9. I'll work on it. Just so I understand, you want a navy blue bar...one that's darker than the blue in the logo...correct? Correct. More royal blue than navy blue if you can actually
  10. Can I request a Korea Republic national soccer team background? Can I get a red background with a navy blue stripe? With this logo? And if it's not too much, is it possible to have a tiger stripe watermark on the red to resemble Korea's home jersey? If it is too much of a hassle I completely understand! Thanks in advance