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  1. My Royals look very much like the Dodgers. The difference is that the Dodgers have red numerals on the front of their jerseys. One can argue that they need to go back to the powder blues. I have one of the more modern ones, but Zack Greinke abdicated KC for LA.
  2. I like how it is unique (although I think it is a bit too wide, click here for a picture of an actual jersey), and I like how it incorporates another era. So here are the uniforms with the 1977-80 numbers. The jersey templates just aren't wide enough. The numerals are OK, but can be thinned out a bit. Maybe.
  3. I'm digging this Mariners concept. But I would love that they also go back to the '79-era (or roughly there) numeral font. I'd have to look for it, but it's not block. It's not even 1984 Padres-like but a lot closer to that; It's much more rounded, and matches some of the work you've compiled.
  4. I like the creams, but I think a perfect look might be the creams converted to white. Twins in navy, outlined in red. Pinstripes optional. For the road? A simple gray with the current Minnesota script in red outlined in navy, with perhaps a modification to the M. Even the vertically arched "MINNESOTA" would work for me. Now is where it gets tricky. The cap. I love the T/C but I understand why people do want a change. Perhaps a revised M that matches the roads, and yet doesn't look too much like Milwaukee's M. I don't have a clear answer for this. No to road pinstripes. No to any of the Metrodome era home wordmarks, other than perhaps for alts.
  5. 'Nuff said.
  6. As a lifelong Royals fan (who ironically lives in the NYC area), I don't see how you can take the powder alt away. I think with a muted gold or no gold at all, it must be kept. Otherwise, I like what you did!
  7. Please oh please no black anywhere on my Royals unis!
  8. Fresno Grizzlies honor the retirement of Bob Barker:
  9. Not a fan of the white panel hats. Love the black hat with the ornithologically correct bird, with an orange brim (or even a black brim). Orange uni tops, no problem with that. Not a fan of the cartoon bird.
  10. B stands for boring. I'm a little surprised they went so bland with the "color" scheme.
  11. As a lifelong NJ resident and Royals fan, I'm a little bit biased. Kauffman - love it but there's lots of cement and I don't like some of the renovations. They lost some of the fountains but made it such that you can walk all the way around. But that's what I see on TV, not being there post-renovation in person. Considering going this year. Fenway - old but they maintain the place. A priceless experience. Wrigley - old, feels dumpy, but the atmosphere in the neighborhood around it is something special. AT&T - only been there once...really beautiful place. Loved it. PNC - been there 3-4 times, it is GORGEOUS. Turner Field - boring. Camden Yards - doesn't do it for me. It is really good and I've been there so many times. It just set off the trend of the new parks and so it already seems dated to me. Skydome/Rogers Center - enormous with a plastic feel. Not a ballpark. Can't believe people used to watch basketball there. Such a beautiful city needs a more intimate ballpark. Citizens Bank Park - I like it. Considered a bandbox, but I enjoy it. Get a room at the Holiday Inn in CF, buy a cheap seat in RF and just take everything in. Citi Field - only been once and my jury is still out. First impression was positive. Double dipped that day by crossing the rail line and going to the Tennis Center. New Yankee Stadium - again, have to check my bias in at the door. Don't like it. The field is too small, the structure is too big. I don't know...I wish they had stayed in the old dump across the street. Oakland Coliseum - DUMP! Miller Park - hidden gem. Surprisingly awesome. All that midwestern charm in the tailgate, and then you get into the park. RFK - for a cookie cutter, I thought it wasn't bad. Vibrated like hell when whatever crowd was there got feisty. --- The one I miss is old Baltimore Memorial where I went many times as a kid (even though, yes, I have always lived in NJ). Also did a game at the Vet one night...don't miss that place.
  12. I played with it a little bit. Not sure I really like these, but I'll throw it out there. The silver and blue colors are tough to work with. I can't imagine having blue pants or silver pants.
  13. I am a graduate of RPI. Union is our hated rival. I got lambasted on Twitter the other day for rooting for Union. They beat us five times this year. When your team is out, you root for the conference. I'm sticking to it. Union/Ferris is going to be one heck of a battle. Fun bracket. Our head coach played goal for Ferris, who beat Denver where he was an assistant coach. To then play Union, the crosstown rival. College hockey fans are like no other.
  14. I have one of these. Never wear it, and it's in pristine condition. I also got the blue one in a smaller size, which is a bit tight but still fits. I'm pretty sure I nabbed these when ProPlayer went out of business and liquidated all of their jerseys to Value City. The white is a very nice looking jersey, and that's coming from a Devils fan