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  1. I like how it is unique (although I think it is a bit too wide, click here for a picture of an actual jersey), and I like how it incorporates another era. So here are the uniforms with the 1977-80 numbers. The jersey templates just aren't wide enough. The numerals are OK, but can be thinned out a bit. Maybe.
  2. I'm digging this Mariners concept. But I would love that they also go back to the '79-era (or roughly there) numeral font. I'd have to look for it, but it's not block. It's not even 1984 Padres-like but a lot closer to that; It's much more rounded, and matches some of the work you've compiled.
  3. I have one of these. Never wear it, and it's in pristine condition. I also got the blue one in a smaller size, which is a bit tight but still fits. I'm pretty sure I nabbed these when ProPlayer went out of business and liquidated all of their jerseys to Value City. The white is a very nice looking jersey, and that's coming from a Devils fan
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