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  1. I really like what they've done with this, inaccuracies and all. I think the Twins would do well to adopt this full time next year---only keep the hat blue. The old script is a welcomed sight. That computerized font they sport now leaves me cold. I can hear Ballwonk now. We've had this discussion before,
  2. I agree, the predator's logo set is at the bottom of the league. I'd love to see a brand spanking new logo. I agree the current Preds logo set isn't that mind-blowing, but it does fit the name, considering the fact that the team was named after a sabre-tooth skeleton found in the local area. A few tweaks to their primary logo could make it ok-looking. The skull logo has to go though. What ever happened to that Nashville/N/Tower alternate? That was pretty cool. +1 Been saying these same things for years. Eliminate some of the shading, tone down the detail around the eye, drop a colour or two....yeah it has potential.
  3. This is what the Lions helmet should look like.... It is a wonderful logo, especially without the black outline. As a matter of fact, I would go one step further and return to the grey facemask.
  4. Everything about them is superior to what they now wear. I'm not nuts about the team's colors---too much bloody blue--but this at least dignifies the look somewhat. I really like the the 3 star geographic reference on the...uh..sleeves. That's smart, 'cause as we know, one cannot fit stripes onto a sleeveless jersey. And yes to the replacement of the goofy number font with something that will look good years from now.
  5. Why doesn't the NBA stay out of the holiday/ethnicity celebration business? What's the point, anyway? Oh yeah......sales.
  6. That looks so cool. It's so simple.... yet daring, geometric and expressionistic. Just lines and color. Wow.
  7. Bigdub, you've addressed the sleeveless issue of todays jerseys by appropriately eliminating the beautiful stripes of yesteryear (except Seattle). Well done. Why bother with the stripes when there is no room for stripes? These all look superior to the contemporary looks of each team. Clean, distinctive football uniforms which honor the past in a modern context.
  8. Totally agree, however that is a beautiful jersey. The piping and the white arm pit is an eyesore. Clutter. Ugh.
  9. As a long, long time Twins fan, who has witnessed all kinds of baseball--great and horrible--in every uniform, I, of course, appreciate that they won the titles in their current set. But the wordmark has never appealed to me. It looks clunky, computerized, cold, blunt, dated. Some people find the original cursive wordmark imperfect, with its hand-drawn quality---which is precisley why I prefer it.
  10. They should adopt these uniforms full-time as they move into the new stadium...with the exception being the red cap. Go with the blue.
  11. I couldn't agree more. They look like toddler pajamas.
  12. You sick bastard. A Flying V done in blue and green might actually convince me to put down money for an Edge jersey. What would you use for the sleeve logos - the flying skate, or something from the current package? As for those screaming about the Canucks changing the stick-in-rink - seriously? An angle on the stick, and a couple of outline alterations, and it's time to gather the torches and pitchforks? The Leafs' and Habs' primary logos have undergone more noticeable changes than that alleged logo of yours - oh, and since that logo was last in use as a primary, your team has identified itself with every color of the rainbow excluding purple. What tradition are you crowing about, exactly? I know there have been hundreds of sports logo tweaks. It happens for a variety of reasons, some warranted, perhaps. My association with the stick in rink goes back to my teen years when the Canucks entered the NHL. It was a surprising, strange and inexplicable logo that was introduced. It was a curiosity that, in its abstract way, was really eye-catching and compositionally sound. It made me think about Vancouver for the first time in my life (I lived in the midwest U.S.). So, yeah, there is some emotional and sentimental attachment to that logo. Also, when they wore third jerseys a couple of years ago, didn't they wear the originals as a homage of sorts to their inception as a team? It just seems odd that they felt compelled to add 'action' to that perfectly understated stick. I never felt the need to be able to see some 'C' in the image. I just liked the image for what it was and what it represented to the original generation of Vancouver fans....and fans of truly original logos.
  13. Why oh why did they deface this?: Bring it back.
  14. I always find this so lame, do you honestly expect a professional athlete to compromise comfort and performance of a garment for your personal aesthetic pleasure? Don't get me wrong, of course I'd rather see a vintage long-sleeved flannel football jersey out there on the field but it's unrealistic. I'm against the useless uni trends like baggy baseball uniforms and ridiculous piping schemes but I don't really think you can argue football jersey cuts. But the only problem with this thinking is I've never seen any proof that micro sleeves enhance anybody's performance. If so, I'd sure like to know how. For one, tighter jerseys don't allow the opponent to hold onto your jersey. This is helpful for both the defensive line (making harder to be held) and the ball carrier (making it harder to hold onto the jersey tring to make the tackle. So Decon Jones, Bubba Smith, all those guys made all those sacks with the huge disadvantage of sleeves? I remember seeing Walter Payton running down the field with those huge flowing sleeves trailing behind him two or three feet, almost scoring... until a DB, still 3 yards behind him, gets a finger snagged in the massive ammounts of extra sleeve material and robs Payton of the touchdown he deserves. That was probably the moment all NFL players decided the game would be improved be universal wife beater-jerseys. What a golden age of sports we now live in because of tight jerseys. Seriously, I think that advantage is overblown, and besides if some modest and reasonable half length of sleeves were mandated acrossed the board no one would have an advantage or disadvantage. I think the biggest reason extra-short sleeves have become so popular has less to do with performance and more to do with big gun biceps and cool tats. When I played football years ago in high school, all the self-professed tough guys tucked their sleeves up under their shoulder pads, and never once did anyone claim it was about performance. Exactly. And if wearing, say, a little girl's birthday dress will enhance your performance, go ahead and wear it. But don't mock the sleeved jersey you used to wear by applying some miniature stripes to the dress.
  15. Football jerseys lose the sleeves in order to enhance performance (cough, cough, ...snicker, laugh). Yet, ridiculously, paste some lame version of the original stripes onto a sleeveless jersey and call it a day.