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  1. Thanks @Paul Lucas and @coco1997! I hadn't thought about using the throwback word mark, that's a good call!
  2. Hey everyone, I'm Dynamo (or Jonathan, Joey, Jonno... long list) and I'm also a member of the NeatO Gang. I talk for a living, but in the same job I also do a lot of video and motion graphic production as well as graphics for social media. My team to share is the New York Mets. I've really liked the blue jerseys with the silver the Mets introduced a few years back, so I've decided to riff off of that, and cross it with the pajama jerseys from the 80's with the shoulder stripes that NYM has started wearing again currently.
  3. New England really looks formidable this year/ LA's defense looked really bad tonight.
  4. This has crossed my mind so many times haha. I was thinking well if the world's supposed to end 12/21 I guess the Cubs will win the World Series this year to start the process
  5. Don't you mean 2008? Because the 2006 Cubs were quite dreadful. I did in fact mean 2008.
  6. The Cubs front office had made some dreadful moves (i.e. Milton Bradley, and Kevin Gregg) over the past few years, and it kills me every single time they do something stupid. They've been able to build really good teams, but haven't built that one great team to push them to the promised land. 2006 was supposed to have been that year, but yet here we are 103 seasons removed from a World Series championship.
  7. I'm digging the jersey and logo set, and I especially like that tri-colored sash on the home jersey. As a suggestion to the away jersey numbers, I like the split colored numbers, why not make the all the digits on the away jersey split colored, whether one or two numbers?
  8. NHL: Chicago Blackhawks, Carolina Hurricanes NFL: Chicago Bears, Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns (my cousin Phil Taylor plays DT for them) NBA: Chicago Bulls MLB: Chicago Cubs, Tampa Bay Rays, Washington Nationals Premier League: Arsenal MLS: Chicago Fire, DC United Colleges: Illinois (most Illinois schools), Purdue, Notre Dame, UNC (also NC State, and Wake Forest, I follow my dad's philosophy of rooting for all the state teams)
  9. JDynamo

    Yakball Concepts

    I like the tri-color idea with the three major schools in the Triangle in NC, and I like how you worked them into a spinning propeller on the biplane. I also think the script works well for the name, and I like the incorporation of the state in the secondary logo.
  10. JDynamo

    Yakball Concepts

    I think the split coloring on the circles of the primary logo is really striking and interesting, a strong brand for the team. I also like the use of the shamrock on the field, as well as the use of the secondary YBC logo within the circle.
  11. JDynamo

    Yakball Concepts

    For Houston, I think of the space program, so I propose Houston Giants like a giant star. Also, that "5280" secondary logo is killer.
  12. I'm really looking forward to the MLS Season this year. I feel like the league is starting to settle into a spot in the light in the US, and the talent and competitiveness is always on the rise.