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  1. These are great. Any way you could do throwbacks? I would live to see a Gary Payton sonics jersey. Or a Kobe jersey from 97'
  2. Thanks a lot these are great
  3. The nets concept is really good but wouldn't want them to actually be a reality.
  4. You got tons of talent man. Good job on all your work!
  5. It makes me mad that my beloved Seahawks don't wear throwbacks! The old colors are so good I think they would make a ton of money off them too. I'm ready for Nike.
  6. These are rad! Can you do a throwback Seahawks silver helmet? Or current helmet would also be great.
  7. As a die hard 'hawks fan I love these. I really hope that the organization brings back the silver helmets!
  8. Nicely done so far. Keep em coming!
  9. Supersonics 96' or 90' would be awesome for Facebook! There's a movement right now! These are great.
  10. Those Seahawks unis are too loud. Cards look great!