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  1. Well, this is it.. the last team.


    I think I went through like 10 different designs. At first I incorporated a very 90s large wolf across the front. 

    Then I tried to mix in the KG era tree trim.

    Finally, I decided to do something clean and unique and wanted something that had a forest/spearmint freshness to it.

    The subtle striping is meant to symbolize a forest while also forming the letters M and W...

    Hope you like it and have enjoyed this series.

    That's a wrap, for now... I may go back and make association/icon sets to match these. Thanks for following along! 





  2. Almost done! This next one is OKC and it was one of the funner and more challenging ones of the bunch.

    I loved their city uniform from a couple years back that expanded the color palette and was Native American inspired.

    I wanted to keep that going. If I get around to doing a full re brand, I think incorporating Native American design would look and work good for the Thunder.

    For this city jersey, I wanted to use patters and lots of lines. 

    I think the NBA now is very much oriented towards simple, 1 color trim (which does have it's pros) but having 4 different colors actually creates a nice effect and is pretty unique.

    I wish I had a nice Nike shoe template to incorporate some of the jersey sides in, or a team towel :P

    Couple other options I explored as well before settling on this one.



  3. Took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with the Knicks.

    The theme here is "True to New York" nights. Vintage themed New York wordmarks and logos are found throughout the uniform.

    Dark blue base so that the orange really pops.

    Top of the jersey is intended to have a NY city lights reflecting through the sky at night vibe.

    Idea was that the simple 2 color combo, bold striping, and lights detail could be expanded to other apparel and gear.




    On that note only 2 more teams to go!! :D


  4. Thanks for the praise and feedback!

    Next up are the Wizards! I really wanted to avoid the patriotic theme for this set.
    I tried going retro at first with some crazy designs inspired by the early Bullets days. I then tried to make something that had more magic, wizard, smoke, potions, etc vibe.

    Finally I opted to go for a Cherry Blossom themed city uniform for the season. The first attempt featured a very detailed Cherry branch within the piping but ultimately I settled for something that's cleaner and draws inspiration from a Cherry blossom tree.

    Simple and bold jersey front with "tree and branch" siding and of course touches of Cherry blossom.

    Thoughts on this one?


  5. I prefer option A.

    How would the basketball look if you extended the line behind the rocket? I know it may clutter the design but now it's drawing a lot of attention because that's not how a modern basketball looks to me.

    I also think the Rocket tip should stick out more - I'm imaging that small notch getting lost in smaller / stitch applications.

    Perhaps adding black or yellow or another color may make it pop some more as it has a very Hawks vibe right now.

    I do really like this direction for the Rockets, looking forward to the uniforms! 


  6. I actually think the bold black side panels on the home look really sharp! What would it look like if you reversed the gold and red? Perhaps thin gold line along then thick black middle and then slightly thicker red against the white uniform?


    Love the city edition - I think it's a nice addition to the current city series and the gradient is subtle but noticeable.

    I think I'd try to put the number offset and tighter to the wordmark and maybe see how an asymmetrical design works? (so just have side panel running down the right side of the uniform)


    Nice work!

  7. Next up are the Brooklyn Nets!

    I think the Nets have done a great job of establishing themselves as the bold black and white team in the league - and have added some nice pop with their last city uniforms. This one was inspired by the Brooklyn graffiti scene. I wanted something that would be flashy and have a 90s vibe to it but that could translate nicely across different apparel and sell, sell sell! All while looking sharp on the court.

    The graffiti has some depth to it - there's references to the sky line, area codes, Petrovic, triangles for nets, basketballs, jay z signature, Illuminati triangle :P etc


    Kind of wild - wish I had better grafitti skills but hopefully the intent comes through.



    Also an update on where I sit to date - almost there!


  8. Thanks for the comments to date!

    Been a while since I last updated this thread - but hoping to finish off the series.


    I had done a couple red uniforms with chrome accents and really went tried to pursue an automotive theme but after watching the last dance, I was inspired by the bad boy theme.

    Idea was simple - make the Pistons look tough n strong but keep it clean...

    I'm not sure if the Pistons trim having the thinner stripe was intended to represent a car racing stripe, but I always loved the simple beauty of those late 80's Pistons uniforms and obviously drew inspiration from that. Nothing too crazy but added a wordmark that's been floating around as the unofficial "bad boys" era logo.


  9. I wanted to do something different for the Warriors. You'd be surprised how many people I talk to who are not basketball fans that have no idea that Golden State is a nickname for California... so I decided to give one of Cali's 4 NBA teams the California look. Perhaps this is something that would be more appropriate for Sacramento, but I overall I'm pleased with how it came out.

    I had originally done it more red/light brown but it was too "49ersish" 

    Obviously, the inspiration is the California flag with classic Warriors uniform design elements. Bold red stripe across the jersey. Warriors usually wear throwbacks, and special jerseys that are almost always blue and yellow. Nothing wrong with that - but something different for a one year city uniform.




  10. Thanks for the comments!

    Next up are the Clippers! Inspired by the unused logo wordmark from the 90's and triangular shape of sails, I really wanted to have a nautical themed clippers uniform.

    The side of the shorts spells out CLIPPERS.

    I created the uniform using orange as the main color with baby blue accents. The clippers have had several light blue uniforms over the years, and orange isn't used a lot in the league anymore so I think the Clippers could capitalize on using it one year.

    I did also create a more traditional Clippers colour combo. I do miss the Clippers wearing red and think this would be a nice addition if Nike brought back "earned" jerseys.




  11. Next up is Charlotte!

    Jordan appreciation city jersey. Hornets rarely use their light blue, but it is technically part of their identity. 

    The jersey is inspired by Jordan Era NC wordmarks and Bulls shorts.
    The original concept I had was light blue and white with light grey accents but I added the pop of teal and purple to keep it unique to the Hornets.

    Additional template of player wearing jersey and special warm up set. Updated jerseys to date - almost done!

    49289470323_105f47881d_o.pnghornetscity4 49289470298_c917da84c8_o.pnghornetscity4b by 49289961386_2fe444bd58_o.pngconceptsupdate 

  12. Bumpin this up to add the Spurs!

    Been lots of talk about the fiesta theme lately and I think it's worth a try for the spurs to add a splash of color to their palette.

    For the first edition of the fiesta theme I wanted to keep black as the base color and use the fiesta colors as bold accents. 

    The spurs have historically use the spur logo on their alternate/special uniforms so I wanted to keep that going.

    1000s of ways this one could have gone but I'm pretty happy with the turnout. I think the roundel/spur logo/fiesta stripes could be nicely transferred across different apparel.





  13. Tried a lot of options with the Rockets.

    I wanted to do something space themed but keep it different from Orlando. Rockets actually have a couple different grey's in their color palette now, so I thought a moonrock theme could work for one season.

    Some retro inspiration for the wordmark. 

    I explored ketchup-mustard themes and even using their 90s color palette.

    All in all, I decided to go with the moonrock theme simple uniform. I figure fans love the original ketchup/mustard set that they can continue to wear it as a classic.






  14. Next up is Utah!

    I had experimented with a white sunset jersey and then tried going orange but felt too Phoenixy...

    So I decided to bring back black in honor of their first ever alternate uniform which was black.

    I've always been a fan of the wordmarks from that era. Very well crafted imo and work well with this color palette.

    The sunset is a smoothed gradient instead of layered.


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