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  1. Royal Blue and Athletic Gold Colors will basically look like a Pacers throwback.
  2. If the other teams can't wear the yellow and only the Lakers can then the Lakers should not be allowed to wear the whites.
  3. The Warriors should do the same .Their white homes just are a little off if they had some gold home unis that would be perfect.
  4. Looks the opposite to me. The white part on the sleeve is thicker and yellow thinner and on the sock the other way around.
  5. Negitive the solid red socks are horrible and now the stripes don't match socks and sleeves. Sock stripe is thicker and sleeve stripe skinny. They should make the sock stripe smaller to match.
  6. Where are all the white jerseys or the road uniforms. You figure Nike would do a better job of showing all the different uniform combos for every team. Very weak unveiling!
  7. pigskinbuzz crashed ...not enough hamsters running on the wheels!
  8. This image is up on the seahawks site and there is a lighteed version too:
  9. Seahawks are not real.An Osprey is closest thing.
  10. What some people are calling the feather pattern and what I am are two totally different things I guess the new stripe is unlike anyone else in the league.
  11. Rams shirts do not have that pattern on their helmet