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  1. so I got a bit burnt out on this (i was doing them all day every day for a long time) but I think I've had enough distance from this project now that I feel like working on it again. Look for some updates soon.
  2. hey guys, just popping in to let you know this isn't've just not been at my computer much lately... the Iowa Dusters logo & wordmark should be up soon.
  3. well it's not just a skull, it's a zombie, zombies sometimes have I needed to break up the big blob of green a bit. as far as an update goes I'm currently working on rounding out the Northern League by getting the logo's done for these teams: - Detroit Torque - Columbus Flyers - Iowa Dusters - Boise Bluebirds then I should be able to get onto the much neglected Southern
  4. some new logos, the New Orleans Night and the Kentucky Black Dragons.
  5. Alright so thanks to all your suggestions I think I've nailed down the remaining team names Boise Bluebirds Iowa Dusters Columbus Flyers Detroit Torque Albuquerque Aztecs (these uni's should be fun) New Orleans Night (zombie themed, night of the living dead type of thing) So here they all are: @seattlesonicsofsacramento: the black was originally meant to represent the visors of the hats nypd cops wear @JMTexan09: nah these names have all come out of my head @t1ao88: I've actually considered going into backbreaker and making a couple of the teams...the uniforms would be a bit limited but I might be able to do a couple of the logos... --------- i should be getting back to some logos/unis this week. EDIT: or...maybe I'll just do some this's a sneak peek at the New Orleans Night logo...
  6. okay here are a few of the updated uni's, most parts were kept the same as before but a few small changes were made here and there. New York Enforcers Phoenix Firebirds Wisconsin Stags now you may have noticed the new designation of the divisions on these, and that the Firebirds have moved. That's part of a restructure/expansion I was looking into last weekend, and this is generally how the league will look. and as such I'm after a few name ideas for new teams Boise - open to anything Iowa - open to anything Columbus - open to anything, but something that will work with an orange colour scheme... Detroit - something motoring related Albuquerque - something Mexican related... New Orleans - open to anything but preferably some alternative to Voodoo (as I obviously can't use Voodoo, unless I went Baton Rouge Voodoo or something) and I'm still not 100% on the Atlanta Titans, so any other Atlanta suggestions or even suggestions from other cities (something from the Carolina's maybe? or Tennessee?) oh and there's 2 new teams in there, I finally decided on the Honolulu Breakers, and I've added the Kentucky Black Dragons. The Black Dragons are named for a unit of the 101st Airborne, which is based in Kentucky. There will be camo. I had originally intended to do the Kentucky Screaming Eagles, but wasn't keen on having 2 eagle themed teams.... thoughts?
  7. just a post to let you guys know that over the weekend I'll be going through and updating all the existing uniforms to the new template. they'll probably all go up in one post.
  8. right, update time. I'm still finishing up a few little bits of the template, but I wasn't completely idle over the weekend, I had my brain thinking of some other teams I could do, mainly a solution for my ever elusive Florida team. Here's what I came up with this afternoon. The St Petersburg Pelicans the main inspiration for it is the St Petersburg city flag, I kind of saw it in a search and thought "well that would be a challenge to make into a workable uni set", so i'm going for it. I'll have to try and steer away from the look of Hawaii's Rainbow Warrior unis though.... the intention was for the logo/wordmark to feel a little retro, like maybe it's one of the older teams in the league... thoughts?
  9. just had a bit of a break over easter, work will resume on these shortly...
  10. well the majority of this template is now done....I spent most of today drawing up the helmet and I think I'm happy with where it is....all that's left to do is redraw the hands and feet of the back view and then I can get back to concepts... thoughts?
  11. yeah i'm thinking of putting some vents in the back as well, I also want to try and avoid them on the sides so they don't get in the way of logos, so yeah,front and back vents will have to do. Communication wise the problem is solved by having a comm system built into the helmets themselves (mike's in the enclosed facemask,and speakers by the ears), this would allow for easier communication between all players and would cut down on shouting and competing with crowd noise.... and don't worry about this being off topic,I consider it very much on topic...even though they're details that will have absolutely zero bearing on any final application in a board game (or a photoshop concept) I love thinking about all the logistics behind everything.
  12. I did a quick test last night of the New York Enforcers uni and it looked pretty cool, the helmet still worked which was good..... ----- On the subject of the facemask I can't decide whether I should leave it flat like it is or put vents in it to make it look a bit more facemask-y? I think if I leave it flat it might open up possibilities for more graphical designs on the mask area....
  13. @MJwalker - I will probably do one with a revo helmet on it eventually @darkpiranha - it should be about a decent mix of traditional and 'radical', I'll try not to go too nuts on them ----- I've had a productive night and have gotten a lot more done on the template. I still need to do the front and backs for the helmet, and redraw the gloves and shoes on the back view so they're facing the right way, but it's almost there.
  14. a little bit of a look at where I'm up to on the template. I decided to go with the "on the body" type of template as opposed to what I had before, to help view the uni's as a whole rather than a bunch of different that allows me to have the gloves, shoes, and undershirt all in there as well which is what I was after...pretty happy with how it's coming along. thoughts?
  15. well how about something completely different from logos and uniforms (well it's still kinda uniforms)... I was thinking about how if I end up making this board game I probably shouldn't use any one elses template for any uni related stuff, so I figured I might spend a little time making my own before I got too deep into making the uni concepts. Then I was thinking that it might be best if I made my own custom template that wasn't based off of any existing uniform cut (hence further avoiding copyright issues). Then I started thinking of ways to make it unique...and got a little crazy.... In order to give a bit of uniqueness to the look of my game (and these concepts in general), I think I'm going full future football... a peek at the helmet, by no means anywhere near a final design, but sort of showing the direction I'm going... the idea is that it's a pseudo motorbike helmet, but the 'facemask' area will be completely (and easily) removable, for safety purposes, probably by some clamps. The visors are optional, and the little bump up there on the top? A little POV camera. Thoughts?