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  2. 1. McElroy19 - Lone Star 2. BrandMoreArt - Heart of America 2. BlackBolt3 - Beantown
  3. Hey everyone, you may have seen me around these boards,HJC, and icethetics for my hockey jerseys and logos. Well one of my designs is a finalist in a contest for my favorite team. Although it's not a jersey design (everyone knows the avs need it though), it's a goalie mask design! The Avalanche, my hometown favorite team, held a contest to design a team mask. Any Colorado resident over 18 had the option to design it using their online "paint studio" (meh) or to download their template and create it in your own program, hand draw it, etc. It seems like I was the only one who did that. Anyways... My Avalanche goalie mask made the top 10 in their design contest! It would be great if you could check out my mask online and vote for it if you like it! You have to create an account which sucks, but if you please could that would be great! (and the acct has to be created under Denver, CO). In addition to making the top ten, the winner gets their mask made and presented to them at an Avs game by J.S. Giguere, who's always been my all time favorite NHLer! (even long before his Avs days). Here's my design and my username is jncox9 so if you could please vote for my design I would be so appreciative! Thank you so much!!! attdesignmy.com (If you do vote remember to choose Denver, CO and try postal code 80201. My username is jncox9) There is no need to vote but I thought I would share my design to see what you though and if you really do like it, it be be great if you could vote for me! Thank you so much!
  4. As a proud CSU Ram, I absolutely love this!!! It's such a great logo and the three uniforms couldn't be more perfect. Excellent work, I'd love to see this here in Colorado soon!
  5. Hello everybody! I got a bit caught p in school, work and everything else and had to take a bit of hiatus. But I am back with some more concepts! So let's dive right into it. 2014 Stadium Series (Los Angeles) Here is my newest concept, one for the two California teams playing under the stadium lights this next January. With the Ducks, I went with the rumors and created a predominately orange jersey with some variation of their 'Mighty Duck' oval logo. I also decided to base their jersey off of the infamous 'Wild Wing' alternate. Despite the front design and font, it's actually a great jersey, and I think it could be a great look! For the Kings, I decided to tie a few era together. I stuck with their current color scheme, and that of the Gretzky era, and used a jersey design similar to that of the original Kings. However, the main thing I wanted to do was use a logo they hadn't before. Not like this anyways. I used the crown out of one of their old shield logos because, I think it is very well executed and honestly looks better than their other crown logos. I also wanted to do something else the Kings hadn't. They've used every color in their arsenal as a base color except for silver/grey. Now it may be a hard color to do so, but with the King's scheme and identity, I think they could make it look great. After all, this is Los Angeles, why couldn't there be an orange vs silver game? What do you think?
  6. This is great! Could you send to: jncox9@gmail.com?
  7. That black jersey would work as an alternate, but I don't think the home and aways should ever be changed.
  8. Absolutely beautiful! Great work!
  9. Good evening everyone! It hardly seems like it with the new time change. As you all know, I'm a huge Avalanche fan. I was born and still live in Colorado, attend games regularly, and I'll always be an Avalanche fan at heart. In fact, just the other night I was in attendance to witness the Avs break the Blackhawks winning streak. It was such an awesome game to be at and such a great win for my boys in burgandy! But that burgandy uniform... it needs a change ASAP... that's where today's concept comes in! Colorado Avalanche Over time (although not in a long while) I've created tons of Avalanche concepts. The most popular one most people create, is a modern version of their old 'mountain' design. I had a few goals here: Bring back the mountains a new, more subtle way. Eliminate black completely - (Except for the puck in the logo) Create a design unique only to the Avalanche. Overall I think it completes my main goals and would be a solid set for the Avs. What do you think? Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your Sunday evening! -Justin
  10. Wow. Just wow. I always love your work Avi but this is absolutley perfect! I actually prefer the first set you made to the others. The logo is phenomenal. Absolutely perfect for the Blue Jackets identity. The striping is classic and compliments the logos well and the square/block numbers are great. I love it all! Excellent work, Avi! The Blue Jackets need to be using these NOW.
  11. Hello everbody! Wow... it's been a long time since I've posted here! I took a long hiatus from concepts but I'm back! So alas... three new concepts! St. Louis Blues Pretty straight forward concept here. I just wanted to create a more retro third jersey using their circle logo. I really wanted to emphasis the double blue and still showoff that great logo. Columbus Blue Jackets So ever since that Columbus concept logo was leaked, I thought it would look cool as stripes on a jersey. Originally I was just going to use my version as arm stripes but I was messing around and tried it as a chest stripe and I kind of liked the way it looked. I know it's really unconventional but I think it could be a cool identity for the Blue Jackets. As an alternate of course. It could also work as a 'Military Appreciation Night' jersey, or something along those lines. I know it's way out of the box, but I'd love to hear your thoughts! and lastly... New York Islanders I think the Isles' move to Brooklyn in 2015 would be the perfect chance to update their identity. I created a more modern, sleek look here for them. I slightly updated their color palate and created a few new logos for them. The primary honors both their city and team by featuring the Brooklyn Bridge and a lighthouse. The alternate is a nod at the past, with the use of an update 'NY' logo. All in all, I really just wanted to update, and modernize their look. That's all for today, it's good to be back! Any C&C is much appreciated
  12. Bump. Any more C&C on the Preds or Sabres?
  13. Another quick concept today. Am I the only one sick of the Sabres using buffaloes as their mascot? It's their city name not their team name! Here's my solution. We've all seen this logo mashup before. I did my own, similar version putting more emphasis on the sabres and less on the buffalo. I also added the crossed swords to the arm stripes and created a more modern look. I'll let the concept do the talking for itself but I'd love to hear your feedback!
  14. Very nice. I love the shoulder patch you created from the two logos. I'd also stick with the green helmet for both jerseys
  15. Long time no post, life got busy. New concept today! Nashville Predators This is a sort of mixing of eras. I was never a fan of the Preds original jerseys until I saw a few concepts, one by Steven G. and the other on here. Both concepts did a great job of putting that unique template into gold and blue. This concept is largely inspired by, and similar to Steven's. I wanted to use that unique arm striping in a more simplistic way while still showing off that awesome gold/yellow jersey! I also made a nod to the previous alternate jersey by placing a sublimated checkerboard pattern on the hems and cuffs. The rest is pretty self explanatory but I'd love to know what y'all thought!