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  1. I designed the Utah Avalanche logo(s). If "decent" is a compliment, then thanks. The current ABA has nothing to do with the original league, it's merely a licensed name. Most teams are barely a step above local rec league teams. Also, if you're planning on redesigning some of the logos anyway, why don't try contacting some the team owners and offer your services. Contact information is listed on each teams page.
  2. Your execution is very nice, but I honestly don't think you need the bridge/sun in the shield below the NYC type... Too many ideas, and lots of dead space. Maybe try simplifying it. The Chrystler building makes a nice shape on the top, and kind of has a similar feel to the crown on the Statue of Liberty.
  3. You can pretty much add any PepsiCo product to this thread... Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Quaker, etc have undergone major overhauls in package design over the last 2-3 years.
  4. It does feel kind of dated but the crossed fingers in the center is clever. I like it
  5. The photography is much better this time around though... At least he doesn't look like he's :censored:ting his pants in this years set. really? i thought last years brick backgrounds were a very nice touch. subtle, and allows the design to take your attention rather than the whole picture screaming at you with color and intense texture I wasn't a fan of the brick wall. Yes, the uni's stood out, but the overall mood felt so bland and uninspiring. And that pose looks so stiff, unnatural. It just felt very poorly executed. This year has attitude at least and the player has a little bit of swag. Just my opinion though.
  6. We have a baby formula client that recently switched to it. Never really noticed it until then but now I see it everywhere.
  7. The photography is much better this time around though... At least he doesn't look like he's :censored:ting his pants in this years set.
  8. The biggest problem for me is you're three colors equally rather than establishing a primary and secondary palette. I don't think orange, magenta and black work well together either but creating a hierarchy may help.
  9. You're probably right then, but I know through experience that similar results can be achieved in photoshop using the High Pass filter
  10. My guess would be the High Pass filter
  11. Networking is big too... More often than not it comes down to who you know. LinkedIn may be a good resource to begin reaching out to people. Also, check with your school, they may have resources to connect you, such as the alumni network or an existing relationship with one of those companies. My former school has a good relationship with Nike and has helped a few people I know get jobs there.
  12. Does anyone have experience in actually having your uniform concepts produced? I did some logo work for a semi-pro bb team last year and may have a chance to design their uniforms. Just looking for a little advice on production since my background is in print design... Thanks
  13. I went to school for design TWICE... Crazy, I know. The first was a traditional, 4 yr program at a small, liberal arts school. The second was a 2 yr portfolio school and it was life changing. It took me a little bit longer to get into the industry, but both experiences helped me tremendously. I got a well-rounded education, which helped build my critical thinking skills, and I then fine tuned my craft at a design school. It's a lot of time and money, but a good education goes a long way in life. Anyone can master programs and make something pretty, but it's the individual that can combine strategic and conceptual thinking that will stand above the rest. And I don't think that ability is something that's just inherently gained through self-teaching, at least it wasn't for me. If you decide design school is in your future, I highly recommend the Portfolio Center in Atlanta.
  14. Everything looks great, especially the first leaf style. Have you considered using just the CCHL letters with it? Just a personal opinion... There's too many varations of the same logo. Maybe do a little self editing before sending to your client, especially since there's really only 2 ideas (3 if you consider #11-15 different enough). Very nice work though!
  15. There are similarities in the face, however his execution is way better. It's cleaner and shown in a completely different context than the "NaviGators" logo, which by the way, looks like it was crudely chopped up and assembled from clip-art.