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  1. Catching up:


    1) I think they made the right choice with just yellow for the SD and all brown for the cap. It will be interesting to see if they release any alternates on Saturday

    2) I think the seats can definitely remain blue, but I would like to see maybe green walls and maybe some tan paint, or bringing the sandstone into the seating bowl a little more

  2. 1 minute ago, Bucfan56 said:


    No kidding. The Padres have tried to reflect and somewhat piggyback off of the Dodgers popularity, and frankly, I think almost everyone could see right through that. San Diego isn't Los Angeles, and from what I know of people in San Diego, they're SUPER put off by people trying to tell them that they are (And rightfully so, IMO). Letting them be a bit weird and march to the beat of their own drum is the only way they're going to be embraced by that fanbase. Moving back to a unique color palette that's exclusive to the city of San Diego is a GREAT way to start. 


    Not to mention San Diegans HATE it and have asked for years why we look like the Dodgers.

  3. 28 minutes ago, McCarthy said:


    I just wanted them to pick an identity regardless of what the color scheme was. I'm happy they finally chose to go with brown and I think it's the right move, but I wouldn't have hated if they'd adopted the blue/yellow look because at least that would've been something. 


    This, however, is nothing. It's as absent a brand as I've ever seen a Big 4 sports team wear. It's like if air were a sports uniform. I can't for the life of me understand why a team would choose to forego having an identity. 




    The road uniforms were a little better because of the uniqueness of the bowtie wordmark and the alternates were a little better just because they were a color and they allowed the unique piping to be seen, but still. Lifeless snooze of an identity that I can't imagine helped anybody get excited about Padres baseball. 


    I always found these uniforms super baffling. They weren't great before the All Star year and then they get even worse after.


    Then the All Star year when they have one year in the middle where they could have done a real set incorporating the yellow throughout, but they only had the home uniform and the actual all star road alternate that they only wore in the all star game, but not on the road.


    I don't know what the new brown jerseys look like, but the hat is already a huge improvement and the colors alone give this team a sorely needed identity again. The uniforms of the last 3 years were just, baffling. Crazy that someone thought that was a good idea.

  4. Like someone said, bell cap could still be around as an alternate, we'll see. From TV indoors to outdoors (Tingler did an outdoor MLBNetwork interview) to photos, the brown of the cap in no way looks black and looks distinctly brown. I'm hoping to be at the reveal next Saturday and I can't wait to see the full set.

  5. My general thoughts thus far...

    The Padres sound like a Brewers-esque cluttering of designs. Where one jersey looks nothing like another. Where there's four-five different looks and each one is too different, like they could almost be of 4-5 different teams. The Twins, Indians, Rockies, and others have had this problem at various times in recent history and now it looks like the Padres are doing this intentionally. Individually each jersey could be nice, collectively I shudder.

    In my mind, that's what it is now, but unifying the fonts across the uniforms will go a long way towards correcting this. I don't see why yellow can't be added to the roads and the blue alternate to complete the "fusion".

    I'm excited because anything at this point is going to be a step up, and this seems like slightly more than a cosmetic change.

  6. I happen to think that it would be in the team's best long term interests to find a brown uniform that works, and go forward with it. For one thing, plenty of people wear brown and it can be fashionable. Secondly it would be good to establish a unique identity and branding that sets them apart from the multiple blue and white teams in Major League Baseball. They could design an attractive brown uniform if they wanted to.

    However, I'm a pragmatist. Blue has been a part of the team's identity for over 20 years now and it honestly does have more mass appeal. There are probably just as many Padre fans who hate any idea of brown than there are who want it reestablished as the team's primary color. Whether those of us who want brown like it or not, blue is entrenched as the Padres color and its obvious that the team is not going to deviate. Its obvious that the current uniforms are a mess and that an improvement is needed. The home script is horrible an the whole set is a mishmash of different styles. So what remains to be seen is if with this "evolution" they come up with something that is simply more attractive on the field. If they go with an updated PCL look they could look quite nice. Even if they are simple, its not necessarily a bad thing. I completely support them cleaning up the current uniforms and I don't think that brown will ever come back except as perhaps a throwback alternate in the future.

  7. I loved the late '80s Padres look. The color scheme was unique and worked well. It is a little dated now, but in that era they worked. I am a sucker for the SD on the roadies, same for the SF on the Giants roadies in that era. That said I also loved the Blue/Orange look that came after. I didn't like when they removed the orange from the equation and now I find their unis to be terrible.

    Orange is a horrible color and a stake should be driven through its heart and its ashes should be sent to the four corners of the earth for burial.

  8. So this is what the tour guide at Chase field told us about why they changed, not saying its true though. Supposedly the manufacturer of MLB goods didn't like purple stuff because purple is one of the most expensive inks, plus its hard to get the color consistent. Secondly, the Rockies were miffed that they had a very similar color scheme and similar uniforms. Thirdly the Diamondbacks noticed that there are no teams that wear red in the NL West and that its the only division in baseball without a team that wears red.