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  1. Old logo, good. New logo, better? Anyway, I really like the new team logo despite the fact that some people don't like logos in that particular shape.
  2. Sabres, you are on the right track Plus, the interlocking 'SD' is very slightly modified. Look closer, although I'm not sure you can see all the detail in that small of a pic. I recieved my season ticket package recently from the team that had the gold interlocking 'SD' in the new style on it, it was large enough to see the new detail. I wonder if that counts as being released to the public? If I had a scanner I would put it up.
  3. the 'Padres' script is better than the brewers though, It sort of has a classic feel to it, but at the same time pretty unique. But yes, the color scheme is similar to the Brewers. I would have liked them to mix in more of the light blue as well.
  4. Hey, I didn't tell! I didn't tell! ANd I so much wanted to, but I fought the urge. Anyway, the color of the road uniform seems very similar to the padres roads from 1985-1990. I have to say I really like the look and I'm thinking of buying a road jersey when they come out.
  5. Oh I have and frankly I like them. Definitely a lot better than the Jays new roads. I do like the Jays new home unis though, but their home hat, is that like a pastel blue or am I seeing things?
  6. Whats with the 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' number font anyway? Thats the one thing I am just not getting.
  7. Name: Kevin Thompson Hometown: San Diego, CA Age: 26 Occupation: Web Developer/Network Admin My Teams: San Diego Padres, Chargers Came here a little over a year ago looking for uniform changes for the Major Leagues. Was also interested in old logos.
  8. So, when someone says Brown, what do they exactly mean? Any shade of brown? Tan? Sand? Or just hamburger? Is brown automatically bad in every case?
  9. I think the Name font needs to get a bit smaller. WHat do you do with 'Van Landingham' ?