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  1. I've thought about this off and on since I'm a big supporter of MLS and I'm still on the fence about it. I understand Red Bull is primarily an energy drink but with the amount of sporting events they organize at what point does it also become synonymous as a sports brand?
  2. Atlanta Blackbirds Football Club. Ties into their red, black and gold color palette.
  3. I'm pretty sure they just announced's JR Francis as the head of marketing and brand development.
  4. Sigma is in Mississauga [playing out of Hershey Centre Fields] and AND plays out of Richmond Hill. A lot of GTA clubs to start, with only Kingston and Windsor outside of that general area. Hopefully it will last more than a couple of years and we'll see Ottawa Fury's academy join and a few Ontario PDL clubs come on board. If the CSL can stick around playing in front of 50-100 fans then this league should be alright.
  5. Yep, senior academy club. Typically in the past they've used this crest:
  6. Wanted to give this a bump since the 10 teams for L1O have been announced: And here's the comparison to nas's league. Mostly all different clubs but an interesting comparison:
  7. The Ontario Soccer Association announced a new league this past week and introduced the 10 teams that will play in this inaugural season: Mostly clipart unfortunately.
  8. Is this from here? Sorry, I should add that these are not my decals. I stumbled across this while trying to find out what the baby blue M decals with wings behind it are from. Anyone know?
  9. Those Toronto kits are great, I might have cried a little. Easily the best concept I've seen and definitely better than anything TFC has actually produced. Being free of Adidas' three shoulder stripes really makes for a better jersey. Did you consciously choose to leave out the 'All for One' slogan or were you not aware of it when creating these?
  10. These last four are gorgeous. Great work!
  11. I know what you were going for with the city flag on the third TFC kit, but I cringed as soon as I saw it! Nothing against the design, it's just way too close to Montreal's kits.
  12. Overall I like the OL1 designs, except for three. Windsor and Sauga look a little too simplified for me. Mississauga has a lot of imagery to draw from, which I think the Steelheads have already done a decent job with, using the steelhead trout of the Credit River and the lighthouse from the city's Port Credit area: Not a fan of Brampton's crest at all and that was the one I was looking forward to the most. Brampton already has a pretty decent flower roundel to represent it's nickname as Flower City, so I wouldn't mind seeing a team use it in a similar manner to Portland Timber's Rose City crest. I did a design last year that didn't stray too far from their faux Man United crest, but I agree a whole new identity is needed: Have to mention that Ottawa, London, Niagara and Brantford are awesome. I wish the clubs would adopt them tomorrow. Kingston is also great but the city name going across the front looks a little too boxing/MMA-like for me. Trilliums in place of the outside bells on Brantford might look good too. Sorry for the long read! I've been following this thread closely and just realized I haven't given any input and praise, which I think is well deserved. I've been really enjoying the lower division stuff.
  13. I like the yellow alternate kit the most. Might be because the sponsor looks the cleanest on that one. It's a little too obvious you're working off an MLS template though. I'd go with a different font for the numbers/names and maybe stick an Ontario flag on the sleeve instead of the Canadian flag.
  14. I like the crest, but something about the way the B sits on top of the star just isn't doing it for me. Do you think other team's supporters ragged on Bethlehem Steel for being named after a corporation the same way we rag on the NY Red Bulls? I'm joking of course, but it is funny when you think about it.
  15. Does anyone have a capture of the new branding? It looks like the site is down and I'm really curious to see it...
  16. Rio Tinto is a British mining and metals corporation.
  17. I've heard this as well. That and they were started in 1993, which means they were on the vanguard of edgy singular names. It's kind of silly now but it has a lot of history behind it, so I think their supporters would riot if they were to change. I'm sure the front office agrees or they would have changed it when entering MLS. Even silly names become normal with time and championships, unless you're the Kansas City Wizards. Pretty sure it's L'Impact de Montreal in French and Montreal Impact in English, so it works both ways. Montreal has been Joey Saputo's baby since 1992. If he want's to keep the name that he poured his heart into building up for 20 years, I say let him. Same with the Ottawa Fury, but they shouldn't have bothered with the fan poll.
  18. I don't think FC Dallas is a big deal, it's just bland. Pretty sure the recently rebranded Minnesota United is using the 'United' to signify the union between Minneapolis & Saint Paul, so that works I guess. I think the L'Impact [Limp act] name is lame, but that's probably because I'm a TFC supporter.
  19. Should have been specific to US and Canada I guess, since Mexico is more similar to Europe than the other two in terms of soccer history. I'm all for throwbacks, but not when you're throwing back to a completely separate team with no history to your own.
  20. Agreed. To be fair, names like Sounders and Impact are kind of silly, but they haven't affected those teams' ability to attract fans. The same can be said for names like Sporting or Real. In the end, a name is just a name. .... silly? In what way? I can think of MUCH sillier names than that? I always wonder why when it comes to this sport, the [Location / Nickname] way is frowned upon. Almost as if it were criminal. Because as a soccer nation, North America is insecure about it's lack of history in comparison to Europe. That's why we see clubs like Philly doing throwbacks to Bethlehem Steel and people getting worked up over non-traditional location/nickname club teams UNLESS there's a real history there like the Sounders, Whitecaps, Rowdies or Impact. It seems like most new team play it safe and stick an 'FC' or 'United' in front of their city's name and call it day, which sucks. Especially when they follow it up with a completely generic crest [FC Edmonton, Toronto FC, a lot of the clubs in PDL, CSL].
  21. Nice work. I thought this was going for a proposed NASL team when I clicked, but I wouldn't mind seeing your ideas for that as well.
  22. And here it is, unveiled during the Champions League final: I like it. Maybe they heard the criticisms of Ottawa not being tied into the logo and modified it because of that. I would have like it better if they had dropped Ottawa into the crest as opposed to tacking it on top though.
  23. The Cosmos kits look like every other kit has put out in the last year. I'm really disappointed they moved from Umbro to Nike, I thought Umbro were doing really great things with the Cosmos marketing and brand. Also, it's official:
  24. FC New York has a similar concept: Not a fan of the overall design, but maybe a stronger font will improve it. Excellent job on Vancouver by the way.