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  1. Looks like we have our answer as to when the Blues will debut the new jerseys: August 25.
  2. It's been suggested that it'll be sometime after Stastny is formally introduced, which will be in the next week or two; he's been on a honeymoon.
  3. All of the center ice cameras at Scottrade are lined-up, one next to the other, in the mezzanine level. During the playoffs, I've seen as many as eight. There are suites between the mezzanine & the lower bowl, so there's no where else for them to be perched. I never thought this camera angle was odd. The only one I can recall not liking is Joe Louis because of the obstructions.
  4. A small tidbit to pass along on the Blues' front. This from a Q & A published today that St. Louis Post-Dispatch Blues beat writer Jeremy Rutherford had with team Chairman Tom Stillman: This after last week when the team store was giving away free lettering/numbering with any jersey purchase.
  5. Problem is, when is he healthy? My thoughts exactly. I wish I shared the optimism of TFoA, but I don't. Is this the bat Frank Wren has been teasing us about getting? I certainly hope not. That is a good point. I'm just hoping that this isn't IT. I think I've already given up on them tryin to find another outfield bat because that Cabrera trade basically meant that they're waiting until Heyward's ready. If he's as good in his rookie stint as Hanson was last season, that move could work & we could probably use Cabera as a bench player, but I REALLY don't wanna go into the season depending on Heyward to come up & just start producing in June. So yeah, no way in hell was that move in long term, unless we're talking about future prospects. In addition, yeah this is a high risk move...but frankly, this was the best we could do at 1st base. When the alternative was to sign LaRoche to a $30 million deal, I think the Braves did alright getting what they did. Hopefully he can stay healthy. That being said, I'm guessing that the Braves are gonna try to go after DeRosa next? No way that the Braves are done just yet. However, if they are finished, then I'd be kinda mad. They can definitely make a couple more moves, assuming that they are wise moves. I'm not about to cry gloom & doom in December. Now if this was like last year & they were waiting until freaking Opening Day weekend to make moves, then yeah, I'd be pissed. But not now. Still plenty of time left to keep the stove warm. If nothing else, at least your team won't be blowing more than $12M on him this season. He is certainly a solid hitter when healthy, but, he might not be forthcoming with an injury either, as the Birds found, too.
  6. Cards have apparently reached an agreement with Brad Penny for $7.5M base. I think they grossly overpaid, but I guess I'll reserve full judgement 'til he's thrown some games. Also, apparently only 3 players have accepted arbitration: Soriano, Betancourt, and Pavano.
  7. I wish I had any faith that the Cards are going to improve the roster. They have 2 SP vacancies, 3B, LF, & possibly some holes in the bullpen. With the team always looking to stay under $100M, it's going to be tough to fill those spots with high-caliber talent, despite several large contracts having come off of the books. I'll honestly be quite happy to not have Wellemeyer pitching every 5th day.
  8. Clippers game that night. In the occasion that the Lakers/Clippers have a game the same day as the Kings, the Kings game is in the afternoon. I'm pretty sure it's so the ice doesnt get messed up due to the heat from the basketball game. If they had the day basketball game with the floor down and the heat in the building, the ice wouldnt be as smooth and it would take a little while to set it all up. It's just an easier arena conversion from one to the next, I beleive. Ah! Thank you; that didn't occur to me at all. The NBA is such a non-factor in these parts that it's easy to forget.
  9. Last night's Blues/Sharks match-up played out a lot like their miracle win in Boston last year. It was one of those nights where the officiating was gross & yet the Blues never quit & pulled out a win. If they had the same hunger they showed last night for every game this season, their record would be a lot better than it is. Maybe they'll get on a tear just like after the afore mentioned Bruins game. One question to anyone from L.A.--why is Saturday's game in the afternoon?
  10. i went to the pens-isles game on 11/27, the pens wore thier light blue unis and the isles wore thier whites at home, and damn do those white unis look good on home ice. the whole nhl needs to go back to home whites/ alts and colored/alts for road. Why would you guys want your home team to not be displayed in full colors on home ice? I don't understand that line of thinking.
  11. The early Blues logos are still messed up on the site. The logo that is stated to have been used from '67-'84 was a print logo in the late 70's & early 80's. The actual original logo looked like this: It essentially stayed the same through the 70s as seen by this '77 sweater... '84-'85 was when the scripted jersey debuted. The logo for it on the site is some terrible remake using the current Note. Here's a home & road jersey from that season for reference. Notice the road does not even use the red outline. As you can see, that jersey was manufactured by Rawlings. The final 2 years of that style were produced by CCM & I believe the font changed slightly, but I cannot find an example yet. From '87 to '89, that same Note was used, but without the script... It was in '89-'90 that the rounded, "Hull era" Note arrived, which is correct on the site, except with incorrect dates. I don't have any of these logos, but maybe someone does or they can be made?
  12. I'd like to see the Stars wearout the Flames tonight. The Blues could use it tomorrow!
  13. Those two games ended up being awesome as both times, the Blues came back from a two goal deficit. Last season, we were 1-5 against the Wings, so this is a damn good start. The rink conditions were not good, however, which surprised me. The glass wasn't as high as normal & the Blues managed to get 2 delay of game penalties. In addition, they picked up a too-many-men penalty because Sydor's stick got wedged between the boards & ice as he was going off for a change. On the plus side, Sundin sure did get a good ovation when he came out for the puck drop.
  14. And I agree with them. Now if only there was some kind of ownership group willing to invest in such a project. I have a hard time believing it wouldn't work out in a traditional hockey market such as Seattle. I've never thought of Seattle, or for that matter the Pacific Northwest, being a traditional hockey market/hotbed in the United States. The only places in the US I consider to be hockey hotbeds are the Northeast, the Great Lakes/Midwest, and the Colorado/Utah area. I always wonder why Salt Lake City does not come up more often? Maybe it is because there really isn't any support there for an NHL team? For that matter, has there ever been any potential owner(s) approach the league? It just seems like a reasonable place for a franchise. Maybe looks can be deceiving. I'm sure the arena situation would be a problem.
  15. Also, it'll be Holliday's first trip back to Coors, so he might be more motivated.