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  1. can ii also get the psd of your email is thanks
  2. also made another logo .. some maybe reminded of Jaha32 (elite Basketball alliance) with this one as this one is inspired by of oh his logos
  3. Under Armour Fans in the Philippines decided to make a basketball league for everyone to get to know each other and to als have a friendly competition... so I decided to try to make a logo for the league itself. the color is based on the Philippine Flag.. and it was also the reason for me putting the sun and 3 stars in it.. ‚Äč comments and suggestions are welcome
  4. Actually I'm a 2k14 Jersey modder. I already did a regular blue jersey base on the away jersey. here it is! this is what they should 've done Can you do one with white on top and a red stripe?
  5. i was going to do it but i decided not to do it "yet" because of the hanging trade between them and the magic....but i will try to do one later when i get home
  6. are you allowed to wear 0 in the NBA? Westbrook....and Arenas way back in wizards...
  7. the font is "gautami" ...and i dont think that this is what the orlando magic used back then...
  8. how about this one?i adjusted the number to be slightly smaller....and i think it fits any 2 digit number now?what do you think guys?