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  1. Personally I really like the simplicity of your current logo. If you wanted to develop a new logo, I would take the idea from your current logo and apply it to a new font. I think its really creative using a portion of the D as an N. As for your new concept. I'm not seeing your initials. I see the bowtie for sure, but definitely nothing else you described.
  2. I wouldn't even call it an upgrade. Probably a sidestep since the new F logo makes the ticket stub less prominent. Not liking the new wordmark that much
  3. Personally, I really dislike what they showed. I understand that they are trying to modernize the streaking suns, but they ended up creating a mess in identity. I doubt these uniforms would grow on me despite how much the logos did. The home whites look too WNBA-ish due to how bare it looks. It's almost completely white minus a few orange highlights especially with the V-neck. When they showed the V-Neck in the teaser images, I feared that it'll look like a Women's basketball jersey, and my fear became reality. The road purple uniform is the best jersey in this new identity despite the dumb sun streaks. I understand what they are suppose to represent, but the Suns are the Suns, not the Pacers. Their fast paced offense can be shown on the court with how they play, not on the jerseys. The orange sleeved uniforms are terrible. Absolutely terrible. It's like they slapped the sun streaks, the number, and the wordmark on a t-shirt and called it a day. It's like they are begging to be called "The Great Pumpkin" from Peanuts. Also, the patch pattern on the shorts is absolutely dreadful. I understand they want to create a Sun with Phoenix wings, but it ended up being a cluttered mess. The butt stripe is completely idiotic too. What does that represent? What's their bs excuse to have that on their uniform? Too be honest, with the recent trend of some god awful jerseys, I should have seen this coming. With how Adidas, Nike, and UA competing on how not to make an iconic jersey, they are painting the NBA, NFL, and NCAA with ugly. I also disagree with oddball and racecarbackwardsisracecar. If you seen the throwback jerseys the Suns wore last season, it was the perfect uniform for the Suns. All they needed to do is update that style to their new identity. The uniforms in the nba these days are baggier than what they use to wear. If the Suns could have pulled off the throwback uniforms last year, they could have definitely pulled off what AAO pulled off with his concept even though it may seem like too much on the top.
  4. I don't think winning makes the uniform set "better" per say, I think it helps the team's identity perception as the uniforms would trigger a more memorable era where the team was winning. As stated before, The New England Patriots uniform without the tradition, mystique, and nostalgia is a mess IMHO. But because they had their dynasty era with those uniforms, they are perceived as a prestigious organization. The Logo and Uniform together create a symbol that represents that winning era. Take the Arizona Diamondbacks for instances: they won the World Series back in 2001 with their purple, teal, and black jerseys. When you think of those jerseys, you think about how Gonzo hit a blooper single over Rivera's head to win the World Series. But after their horrible 2004 season, the owners change, and steroid scandal, they decided to leave those jerseys and color scheme in the past and move forward towards a new era. Why? Because the uniform no longer represents the organization in class and prestige. The Brick Red, Sand, and Black color change and new uniforms represented a fresh start for their organization. Now other teams don't necessarily follow what the Diamondbacks did, but this is what I firmly believe.
  5. The collar and the orange on white reminds me of a WNBA jersey
  6. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion
  7. I actually like the patched shorts alot. Could be a lot worse. Let's see what else the Suns roll in
  8. Yeah, this looks right beneath the sleeve. Looks like the shorts to me. Notice the hem near the top? Maybe I'm wrong, though. Maybe you're right.
  9. Yeah, this looks right beneath the sleeve.
  10. I'm guessing with the uproar caused by the sleeved jerseys, Adidas is just using whatever materials they have left instead of shipping it to a third world country
  11. Remember, the Jags are using the gradient 2 tone helmet
  12. Shabazz also noted that he will be the new Agent Zero.
  13. Nothing to see here. Apparently I mistaken both Len's and Goodwin's jersey number. The jersey given at the press conference had 20 in front and 13 on the back.