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  1. I'm happy that UofL brought back the black uniforms. Louisville looks good in black as it's a school color. Now if only the team down I-64 replaces their black uniforms with the grey, I will be happy. This has always been my favorite black uniform the Cards have worn. Apparently there are grey uniforms down the road in Lexington and I hope they do replace those hidieous black ones....as far as this picture above, I black uniforms for U of L make sense, but it does not look good with the white helmet...if anything the helmet needs to be either Cardinal Red or Black, but not Cherry Red like the picture below which I find to be UGLY! That has to be the ugliest Louisville uniform I have ever seen in my entire life. Those gray Kentucky uniforms are awful. The need a blue number, not a white number. And I love that black Louisville helmet. It's not as good as the white one, but it's not ugly either. The helmet is Cherry Red, not black...unless I am blind as it looks the same color as the face mask....and I agree that the gray uniforms need blue numbers as well. The black unis always remind of the maddening jealousy that the Cards have for mid-90's Bearcat Unis.
  2. I'd been waiting to see how long it'd take someone to post that. *crickets* *more crickets* What we have here is a bonafide checkmate. Funny, you didn't actually wait for a response. What team is that a logo for? I can't even imagine a team that could have that as a logo and the team name itself being incredibly offensive. Is it a cartoon whose actions are really the most offensive part? If the name "Indians" is offensive, that's a different argument. If the logo embodied actions that were disrespectful to Indians, I would wholeheartedly agree. Smiling isn't disrespectful.
  3. I've asked this exact question in other Wahoo threads and never got a response. It's not exactly a great design and (as others have noted) Wahoo is associated with the absolute nadir of the Cleveland franchise. What other reason could there possibly be for keeping it around aside from certain peoples' delusion that getting rid of Wahoo would somehow infringe on their 'murican civil liberties? Well, I know I can't speak for everybody as to why the "pro-Wahoo"" It is well designed. Balanced, unique, easily identifiable. 2 colors. Doesn't need updating. Makes for a great cartoon in the sports page. Historical element that has connected teams. Notes on other comments: What are the specific concerns? Is a recoloring adequate? Can Wahoo just be an image and not be a cartoon? Why is it a modern racist cartoon and not a historic relic? Are all cartoon caricatures offensive? Or only because this is based on select stereo types? What if i were to have a cartoon caricature of someone from Texas, maybe a cowboy. What would this look like to be offensive. What if i were to do a caricature of an Irishman? What would I make this look like that would be offensive? Assuming that an Indian caricature could be used, and that the image would need to be identifiable as an Indian, and the colors red and blue were to be used. What would be a good option? Are there examples of this sort of caricature somewhere? I'm sure the best option is to play up the headdress right? Other than that, I got nothing.
  4. I'm not a leprechaun. Which is exactly why it's offensive. It's not very representative of my Irish heritage. I mean It's not the Notre Dame Fighting Leprechauns is it? Because that would be acceptable.
  5. No. As someone who is actually of Cherokee descent, I can tell you that not a single one of my relatives looks a thing like Chief Wahoo. The fact that he is red is not the issue here. That aside, it never ceases to amaze me that blatant racism involving Native Americans isn't taken anywhere near as seriously as blatant racism involving...well...anyone else. If Chief Wahoo were black, oriental, hispanic, or Jewish, he would have vanished a very long time ago and any argument in his favor would be taken about as seriously as a KKK member justifying their membership in the Klan. But since Wahoo is "just an Indian", people can't seem to understand what the big deal is. There is no argument to be made in favor of Chief Wahoo. I totally agree. As someone of Irish descent, I push to have the logo and name "Fighting Irish" removed from Notre Dame's sport teams. just "Irish" without the cartoon would suffice. And don't get me started on the Celtics guy. Apparently us Irish are chubby little ambassadors for Boston or fisticuffs in Indiana. Completely insensitive to my heritage.
  6. No part of that uniform is throwback. In fact, all of what you see is the most current part of their uniform set. The hats? Meh. I don't mind it as a one-off. Not great, but it's distinctive and works OK with the the cream-colored home alts.
  7. Cat scratches are on the shorts too. Yeah, I agree about the Jordan jerseys. Those were classic, better compositions. These just look like piping and cat scratch everywhere. I'm not sure I mind the gesture on the shoulders, but overall they just seems sloppy. I'm not if it just that these are preliminary or what, but they also have weird gathering at the collar and the side panels of the shorts. It just looks cheap to me. The one good thing that can be said about the Bearcat uniforms is that they're not just a template. Grade: D+ I don't want to get any body in trouble, so I won't say where they came from, but it shouldn't be too difficult to find the source of the images.
  8. I think these were leaked. Personally, I wish UC would move away from the cat-scratch motif.
  9. You have got to be kidding me. If you lived next door to me, which I expect you don't, I would be banging down your door. This would be at fisticuffs. Besides making inane comments regrading browns fans you obviously have taken the exact opposite approach to the uniform as i would take. I say "if it ain't broke," you seem to be saying "energy". I have too much to do tonight to respond to all of your uninformed comments, but let me tell you, OF ALL OF THE BROWNS MANY YEARS AT CLEVELAND MUNICIPAL STADIUM, THE 4-10 SEASONS AREN'T THE ONES THE BROWNS FANS HOLD DEAR. They dominated football in that stadium prior to renaming the championship "Super Bowl". I would also take Cleveland Municipal over 70-80% of the current stadiums. 80,000+ and a legitimate "Dawg Pound" area? That's the way i grew up understanding football. That place would shake during playoff games and that experience can not be surpassed IMO.
  10. A team logo developed from a newspaper cartoon depicting the Indians is too cartooney? I still don't see how a caricature of an Indian is offensive. If you removed all the stereotypes from the cartoon he wouldn't look Native American. The team is not propagating stereotypes anymore than using a tomahawk or that seminole spear thingy. The maroon color used for the Washington Redskins is dark enough to non offensive, but the red used for the Indians crosses the line. I think the Chief Whaoo's blue feather is offensive. I mean, when have you EVER seen a feather that big and blue? That's ridiculous. I am all about not deliberately offending someone based on stereotypes. I would like to see some good examples of Native American caricatures that would generally be deemed non-offensive and would be appropriate fro a sports team logo. Thanks in advance.
  11. I think what you meant to say was that "they're probably ditchin' it because some conservative parents group decided that it wasn't wholesome." I mean... go Rays! Right?
  12. Thinner stripes on the trousers look better. Keep the current helmet. Stripes on socks are nice. Drop the AL patch to clean things up. Perfection.
  13. I agree. Traditional is best. I'm betting fans will warm up to these unis and embrace them soon enough. It would be tough to get any worse than the killer tomato look.
  14. I have never chimed in on this message board before, though I am a frequent reader, and once the cry for colored pants came out i just had to respond... The greatest thing about the Browns is that that is who they are. Just the Browns. Their identity comes from what you see out there and it is what it is. I realize that any uniform can undergo 'tweaks', but the real goal of a uniform should not be to follow fads, but to create a successful identity. For example, the New York goddam Yankees. Why don't you start up a big disussion about how they should have new navy blue alternate with cut-off sleeves or something retarded like that? The Browns are what they are. For some reason this line of thinking, where tradition and a strong allegiance to an identity is crucial to a successful uniform, seems much more likely to come into affect at the collegiate level, and to some extent baseball. Once you get to the pros (especially basketball), it appears to be more about marketability (especially if your team sucks). Just let the Browns be. White pants. Orange Helmets No elf logos. No dog logos. No piping. No logo anywhere on the uniform. Ever. We'll let the elf stay on the equipment trailor.