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  1. neilb

    NHL Europe - What If

    And finally, the ZURICH DRAGONS. a leading global city and one of the worlds largest financial centres. It took awhile to come up with a name for the team, but I eventually got there. The Chinese city of Kunming paid for the creation of a Chinese garden in Zurich as a thank you for the technical and scientific assistance by the city of Zurich in the development of the City of Kunming drinking water supply and drainage. - did you get that! I know its a rather tenuous connection, but it's no worse than why the NFL named the team in Baltimore the Ravens!
  2. neilb

    NHL Europe - What If

    Well, it certainly would be a challenge! Thinking about it though I could probably use it as theme for another project, but not yet awhile. Moving on, Team No. 4 are the MUNICH BARONS. All I've done here is resurrect the old DEL team from 1999 - 2002 that went under financially and ended up in Hamburg.
  3. neilb

    NHL Europe - What If

    Next up we have the LONDON TOWERS - based on the central 'White Tower' which initially was a royal residence and laterly a prison. The secondary logo is based on the Ravens who are residents of the Tower. Legend has it that if the Ravens leave, the Tower and Monarchy will crumble.
  4. neilb

    NHL Europe - What If

    Thanks for taking the time out to respond guys, you've certainly given me something to think about! Next up are the PARIS GUARDIANS. Based on the 'Musketeers' who eventually became the Kings Guard cavalry regiment.
  5. In the unlikely event of the NHL expanding into Europe, I've attempted to visualise which cities they would use and the teams they might create. The likeliest answer to the first part is that they would follow the money, which might not necessarily put them in that countries capital city. The teams I've come up with are:- MILAN SAVAGE PARIS GUARDIANS LONDON TOWERS MUNICH BARONS ZURICH DRAGONS So first up is the MILAN SAVAGE Milan is the 5th largest city in the EU and a leading global city. The Wild Boar is an ancient emblem of Milan and ideal for the logo. Apparently these guys can get a bit savage if they get out of bed the wrong side!
  6. Rumours are, there might be a couple more teams in this league maybe next season, one of which is most certainly London. So you're going to have to get your thinking cap on again. Dublin were supposed to be starting afew years ago but never got off the ground. Every regular travelling supporter in the league can't wait for the Dublin/Belfast weekenders!
  7. Excellent effort with Sheffield. The Steelers have been my team for the last 20 odd years and it would be nice to see them again in something as good. Nowadays we get shirts plastered with sponsors logos. Needless to say I don't buy replicas anymore. Incidently, the triangular offering was the first Steelers logo which lasted a couple of seasons
  8. Just a quick post to close, with thanks to everyone who took time to look at my offerings and a big thank you to all who took the time to comment. hope to be back soon.
  9. Thanks for the comments again. When I started this one, I decided that it was not going to look like every other Archer logo, so thats why I tried to make 'Robin of the Hood' look like a geurilla fighter who was tracking his prey using the cover of the forest. I agree that the bow needs some work on it, maybe even the addition of another colour, but I wouldn't change anything else. So, moving swiftly on, the final offering is the MERSEYSIDE STEVEDORES - named after the dockworkers of the port of Liverpool. I chose Stevedores over Dockers as I don't like the latter as a nickname in any way shape or form.
  10. Team No 7 are the NOTTINGHAM HOODS - named after Robin of Loxley who may (or may not ) have existed.
  11. Thanks for the comment. The answer regarding the uniforms would have to be no. Don't know why, but I can't seem to get interested in 'em If I do another concept league I'll maybe think about it though. Next up is the COVENTRY MERCIANS - named after the people who inhabited central England many moons ago. ( I suppose if they were a hockey team they might have been known as Les Mercs!) For awhile they were ruled over by King Leofric whose personal device was reportedly a Double Headed Eagle.
  12. Thanks for the comment. Next up are the MILTON KEYNES BUCKS - named after,.....well err.... Buckinghamshire !
  13. Thanks for those comments guys. A couple of things, which in hindsight I should have pointed out at the start. Although this is a concept league, I've tried to think of it as if it was for real. Some of the team names have been for areas/regions (Tyneside, Humberside, Merseyside, South Coast) rather than individual cities in an attempt to maximise the number of fans. Also, I decided at the outset that because this was effectively a new pro sport in a new country then at least one of each teams logos needed to indicate that the team played baseball. In the end I decided to make all the secondary logos similar. Hope that makes sense. Anyway onwards and upwards Next up is the SOUTH COAST BLUESHARKS named after the nomadic predator that is sometimes seen off these shores.
  14. OK, Thanks for that, I didn't realize it was so unpopular, particularly as I had used the old Humberside Seahawks Hockey Club as a starting point, and I agree the use of just 'Humber' works well. I suppose that means the HUMBERSIDE AUKS are next up :-
  15. Fair comments guys. I'm not used to other people seeing what I've done, and really, until that happens, I'm going to miss stuff, so thanks. Anyway, next up are the TYNESIDE ANGELS - named after the iconic statue 'The Angel of the North' that stands adjacent to the A1 motorway in that area.