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  1. The red was one year only.
  2. Case Keenum has always had horns on his NFL helmet.
  3. New England is ridiculous as is the Jets and Giants. Hell why not the US Cowboys? After all they are a Americas team.
  4. "Chris" Everret will get you punched from across a table.
  5. I live in New England and HATE the Patriots only because I hate the colors and logo. Go back to Patriot Pat and we'll talk. I have been a Rams fan for 50 yrs, all because of the cool helmet, not fond of the gold, glad it going away.
  6. I will bet the next announcement will be no gold on the jersey's. If the league is letting them switch to white horns now then it only makes sense. AND, this could mean the BIG 2019 change is royal and yellow.
  7. Well if the new logo is going to stay then the name can't stray far from the Chargers with that bolt of lightning. Maybe LA Bolts, LA Volt?
  8. There is no sparkle/glitter in the horns this year, just a solid gold, and without that glitter the gold looks more yellow. I like id....for now.
  9. Didn't think I would have to explain that I meant transition from gold to white but I was talking about uniform colors not cities, think we all know that the cities have changed, catch up.
  10. I can PROMISE you that the new colors in 2019 will be blue and white.
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