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  1. I know a lot of you are asking yourself, "What is ESL?" ESL is the official league of eSports. Maybe some of you are familiar with eSports but those of you who aren't, here's a breif description. "Electronic sports (or eSports) is a term for organized video game competitions, especially between professionals. The most common video game genres associated with electronic sports are real-time strategy, fighting, first-person shooter, and multiplayer online battle arena." Essentially, its like a sports league, but also like the Olympics where many teams participate in more than one game. For these concepts, I'm solely focusing on teams for the game, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Along with my concepts, I've linked each team's current jerseys. Fnatic Virtus.Pro NatusVincere (NaVi)
  2. I ended up just tracing this because I couldn't find a .psd version anywhere. I'm sure there's a lot of people in the same boat as this template is very popular at the moment. I'll eventually share it but it's not ready at the moment. This was actually sort of a test run for the template.
  3. I'm not sure about the rules involving posting HJC competition entries before the deadline so if I'm violating any rules please let me know. After a VERY long time using, I've finally moved on to Photoshop. Actually I made the transition a while ago but just recently I've become interested in making hockey concepts again. This is the first time I've put considerable effort into designing a new logo for a team. I've experimented with the idea but until now have never really come up with anything I was happy with. The transition to Photoshop definitely helped. Any criticism is appreciated, thanks!
  4. I agree, keep the cuffs and hem the way they were. Full maroon is too much. I love the design but I don't think the font fits very well with the rest of the sweater. Maybe not this exact font, but something like this? I've never seen a font like this on a sports jersey but I think it fits with the design. but maybe I'm insane...
  5. The key word there is almost. I think the one I suggested (right) matches the word mark better.
  6. To be honest, this isn't bad at all. At first glance I was like "eh" but after looking at it for a while and imagining what it would look like on the ice, this isn't horrible. It's definitely got some potential. First off, I like the arm design. But I think the colors need to be tweaked. Add some white to the dark jersey and make the middle stripe the same color as the majority of the rest of the jersey. And make the yoke the same color as the top stripe. Get rid of those side panels. Side panels on hockey jerseys is a no-no in most cases. Maybe use the full "Michigan" word mark on one of the jerseys? As for the front numbers, in this case I think they look fine. The pants need some work. Blank solid blue pants would probably look best in this situation. In hockey, a white jersey is required to be paired with a white helmet. And make the dark jersey helmet blue. In general this isn't the worst concept I've ever seen. Although your presentation needs some work. Definitely show the back of the jersey as well as the front. Maybe choose a different, smaller, helmet template. Also find a sock template. Overall this needs some work but isn't completely horrible.
  7. All of these are great. As for the Patriots, I definitely prefer the current logo. While your custom logo doesn't look bad, the current looks more modern. I do agree the font looks off for some reason. Maybe try this font? Also maybe try a red facemask?
  8. I really like this idea. Giving other people the opportunity to contribute will definitely give this logo set a more realistic look. While I'm not entirely confident in my logo designing skills, I tried my hand at making some concepts for "Sonoma- Golden State 350". I made the one on the right first, but I prefer the left one.
  9. This isn't exactly a sports concept so hopefully I'm posting in the right place. I've always wanted to be one of those cool kids with a concept blog. For about a year now, I've been toying around with a brand for one, and now I think I'm satisfied with what I've made. I'm not very confident with my logo designing skills but I feel like I've made something decent here. Here are just a few examples of the logo in a few different color schemes. I can't decide what colors to use, so these are just a few I liked. Please tell me what you think. Any comments are appreciated.
  10. If Boston replaced their current alt for that one, they would have the best jersey set in the NHL. I have always said the Bruins need a gold alternate and I think this is it.
  11. This is such a great idea. I love seeing people putting custom designs into sports games. Puts a whole new perspective on how they look. Anyways, I thought I would give my two cents. Detroit: Absolutely beautiful. Great color scheme, great logos, and great jerseys. I love the striping on the pants and cuffs on the home and away. They stand out in a good way. Chicago: I really love how the logos and color scheme are based on the flag of Chicago. The main logo is a perfect crest for the front of a hockey sweater. One critique I have is the half stripes on the sleeves. Maybe I'm in the minority here but I dislike the stadium series cut off stripes. Maybe try a traditional straight, un-split stripe. Pittsburgh: I really dig this simple look. A team with a name that references a city's history deserves a traditional design. And this set completely fulfills that. I love the diagonal work mark on the front of the home and away. And that alternate is a 'bute. Los Angeles: Super creative name and great color scheme. Jerseys are good also. The font used on the home and away is absolutely perfect. I'm Really liking the amount of red versus the amount of black and purple, great balance. As for that alternate, absolutely stunning. I love me some barber pole stripes. This set makes me realize the NHL needs some purple. (Looking at you Kings) Calgary: This one is not as strong as the others. The name is great but the primary logo, not so much. To me it looks a little too cartoonish. The sweaters aren't so hot either. The lack of a hem stripe makes the home and away look very plain. For a team named the "Wranglers", this is a very plain look. As for the alternate, I like the striping and the chest logo. I think the wire barbs ruin it for me. Great job so far. Can't wait to see the final product.
  12. Really diggin' this thread. My vote goes to double-blue and yellow. Man, I can't get over how much I love this scheme. \ Wish the Chargers would add a little more powder blue, but still...
  13. @TorinK92 Good suggestion, I originally used the shield because their current alternate uses the O. I tried it and I personally like both. @JCRGraphix It is very pixelated. is not very good at down-scaling images. The template is also quite small so I had to down-scale the logo a lot. @tommytimp Nah, they're mesh. Here are some revisions. Top concept is revised one. Bottom is original but I tried to make it look less pixelated.
  14. In March of 2014, the Ottawa Senators and the Vancouver Canucks will play in the NHL Heritage Classic. So far, nothing about what each team will be wearing has been announced. Here is what I would like to see Ottawa wear. The top concept has a square yoke while the bottom has round. Tell me what you prefer. Probably not the biggest decision but it makes a difference. Loosely based on this. As for the template, it was made by Matthew McElroy and edited by me. The template can be found here: You can find Matthew's stuff here: He makes some sweet hockey concepts over there so definitely check him out if you haven't already.
  15. 4 More Teams in my NHL Redesign. St.Louis Minnesota Pittsburgh Toronto