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  1. "I really like this by the way. If he came up with something like this you would have a solid argument." Thanks Gazzzaf. Much appreciation.
  2. Rampart, I ripped NO ONE off. This was a concept borne from weeks of research. I had searched far and wide for a team with this name. The closest one I found was West Ham. As far as "Pittsburgh Hammers", none existed to my knowledge. As a matter of fact, to this day whenever I Google search "Pittsburgh Hammers", it's MY team logo that you see first (along with my behance page promoting the same art). So after doing this multiple times between Novermber and yesterday, why would I assume a team with this name existed already? Now seeing the evidence that you have brought forward, I see similar ideas and I'm glad you brought this to my attention. But like I said, to me, they were just that: ideas. Ideas that no one, other than an avid rugby fan on a rugby message board as you, would even know. This will most likely be my last thread as obviously tempers have boiled and it seems that this argument will continue to no end. Good luck on your career as I can see alot of potential (way more than jaha32). PS I will be creating another basketball team brand for the San Diego Swashbucklers so please stay away from that name. Thanks!
  3. jaha32, I understand that using black and yellow is a common Pittsburgh sports team trend. The name was the biggest issue. The colors and design choices certainly didn't help. Also, as far as you bashing my work, that's unnecessary. If you don't like it, that's fine. I have no issue with your opinion. I happened to receive alot of good feedback from other designers. Even if my work isn't up to par with your glorious 'Manhattan Mobsters' ::chuckle:: But that's not the point. Rampart is a good designer and clearly he knows what he's doing as far as designing goes. The similarities were too hard to ignore. So please leave this up to me and Rampart, and go on and finish your next 90's era-looking sports logo. Maybe the Vancouver Grizzlies logo can be inspiration for your next one..
  4. "I'm sure you're not the first person to come up with the name "Hammers" for a team in Pittsburgh. I don't think you have enough evidence to call foul." Uh.. yes I was. The concept that I developed in late 2012 was 4 months in the making. It was a brand I had built from the ground up. I did non-stop research on Pittsburgh and all the different sports team names they have used (Steelers, Passion, Pirates, Maulers, Penguins, etc.). This is one of the the reasons for which I chose the moniker "Hammers". An obvious nod to the Steel City. Something original that had never been used before. The fact that anyone would not look at my project and immediately see that this is an open-and-shut case is mind-boggling. Just look at the dates of when both projects were posted. The blatant name rip-off. The colors and design concepts are next but this is pretty obvious.
  5. Look closer. The wordmark is similar. The "crossed hammers"(especially similar rendering treatment). The Pittsburgh skyline from one of my concepts. The biggest issue is the blatant rip-off of the name. I have already reported Rampant. Shameful, shameful..
  6. These are very nice Greg, though I must say, the primary logo reminds me a lot of my Pitts Hammers logo. Even the typeface you used looks familiar. But nonetheless I like this piece. I especially like your alternate. Very well done with that.
  7. I disagree, I think that these are pretty good. There is potential here. The first one is a good start and even the last one has good ideas there. I think that simplifying them would help, as people have mentioned, but yes, these are the beginning of possibly a great logo. I also would keep the green/yellow color scheme. Very classic look.
  8. Hey P34, those Rockets jerseys are great. I've always liked the 90s "pajama" jerseys but always wondered what they would look like toned down a bit. This answers my question. Very solid job. Have you tried the same approach but with their current red, white, yellow colors?
  9. Hey Wizkid. I like where you're going with this. In the primary logo, I would lose the middle part of the 'H' since the hornet basically serves as a placeholder for that. I like the silhouette approach of the hornet but I would like to see one version where you see more details on him just to compare. Do you have other versions of his logo for us to see?
  10. Here is the 2nd of of jerseys (sans shorts). For the 2nd logo. Please let me know what you guys think! Thanks a lot!
  11. Here are a couple alternate logos I was working on. the "P" goes with logo #1 and the "PH" go with the cross-hammer logo (#2). Lastly for the day, as promised, here is a sample of a jersey design for logo#1 I'm working on. Please feel free to offer your critiques/suggestions. thanks guys!
  12. Here is an updated version of logo #2. I added a highlight to the ball and tried to darken the yellow slightly.
  13. Thanks LEWJ for your critique. I'm starting to lean towards that second logo now. Stay tuned for more posted in just a little.
  14. Glad you asked GD. I actually have a couple jersey concepts done that I will post either later today or tomorrow.
  15. Thanks leggman. I actually have other versions of that same secondary logo that I was gonna post really soon.