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  1. Ohio State is the home team in the Orange Bowl. Also, here's a better picture of the brick pattern in Minnesota's stripe. https://twitter.com/GopherFootball/status/409869816770486273
  2. Ohio State football has gone 64-14 (30-6 in games I've attended) since I started school.

  3. *turns on PlayStation*

  4. I really don't give a damn for the WHOLE state of Michigan.

  5. Designated the visiting team for the Big Ten Championship Game, Ohio State will be wearing this white uniform: http://t.co/JMFp8NNBK5

  6. RT @Landgrant33: Desmond Howard: “The thing about the SEC is that there’s an arrogant sense of entitlement.”

  7. RT @ReeseClarett13: Today is the day...... Looking forward to an intense game tonight. #OSU

  8. It feels like Christmas Eve! #B1GFCG

  9. RT @IanBegley: Carmelo Anthony on scoring 20 points on 10 shots: "I wanted to do something a little different .... me scoring 30 wasn't wor…

  10. RT @celebrityhottub: Still waiting for the T.J. Maxx B1G Championship Game, though.

  11. RT @Polygon: The Walking Dead Season 2 starts Dec. 17 according to Steam http://t.co/H6T7u7fTCr

  12. RT @FisolaNYDN: Robinson Cano's got 99 problems and Jay-Z is the biggest one of them.

  13. RT @NIKEiD: Outfitted in his #NIKEiDPE’s @TheRealJRSmith is prepared for the Battle for NY tonight. http://t.co/9ucec7dX0T http://t.co/er…