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  1. I really like TCU's Pro Combat unis. To me, it's an improvement over their current usual digs. I hope they stick with these the rest of the year. As for the other ones... Virginia Tech was all right. I didn't like the helmet stripe. The rest of the uniform was nice. I really like the gradient numbers and dotted gradient sleeves. In this case, being different wasn't so bad. My only question... What would the home uniforms look like? For the other Pro Combat uniforms, I'll have to wait for more images and see them on TV. So, pretty much on a subjective scale of 1-10: TCU - 9 VT - 7
  2. Wow, these are nice! If you can, I'd like to have a Villanova Wildcats sig. Thanks!
  3. NissanNut

    Chargers Logo

    I can read CHARGERS fine in your logo. I love the incorporation of the new colors and the flame-like mane. Combines a bit of a modern look with the medieval making it appear tough, but smooth. Awesome work!
  4. Looks pretty obvious to me which team is which in these pics. The Bulls are ones beating up on the Celtics whose players belong on European B league teams... except for Allan Ray.
  5. I was really surprised to see no splotchy veins all over her legs. Pretty good for an older woman... not that I like to check out older women who look like they can chew my head off and spit it out... really... Anyway, I don't mind the slimmer/form-fitting jerseys and the gator scale is a nice touch. The extra long and baggy shorts don't really do it for me. Still, over time I think I will get use to it. I'm looking forward to seeing actually game footage of Syracuse, Arizona, and Ohio State. I heard that UNC was supposed to get a new look from Nike as well, but I didn't see them mentioned in the article that got me looking more into this. Does anyone have info on this? Images obtained from HD sources would be better in showing details of the 4 new uniforms to be featured in the teams' respective conference tournaments. If only, more folks had HDTV/DVR or HD tuner cards that capture screencaps. Oh well.
  6. These are nicely done! Although, the visor clips are missing, I still like them.
  7. Orange helmets definitely Blue helmets to go with blue pants (change stripe to match helmet) White helmets are sweet too if NCAAs allow third
  8. They did. It's just a new font with a recolored version of their old taxidermic Jagermeister logo.
  9. I love this new look! Now they just need to fix that awful logo.
  10. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN....WE HAVE A WINNER!!! (MAYBE the stripes are a bit overkill, but still--winner nonetheless.) By the way, any luck with those temps I sent you a while back? The Falcons should switch to red helmets. As for the two stripes... could they be replaced with soemthing else? I don't know what though.
  11. NissanNut

    Bills Concept

    Make the facemask red and bring back the run and shoot. Just like the old Oiler days!
  12. I really like the look, but it doesn't feel right without the orange helmets that make me crave candy corn.