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  1. Like the others say, the Braves and Phillies look amazing, no complaints. I'd be really curious to see the gold monochrome Brewers jersey in real life. Love the Reds too obviously. Can't wait for the other teams.
  2. Big fan of both the Sox and the Cubs, but I'd suggest adding a white outline to the cap logo. The cap is devoid of any white highlights, while the rest of the uniform has some.
  3. So much color, so much perfection. Of course the Padres would be better with yellow, but I see your point in them owning brown. It still looks good. Love the Dodgers too. Can't wait to see everything else!
  4. Homer predictions: Pirates) World Series appearance by 2017 (Beating Braves in NLCS), Pirates win 2 World Series by 2024. McCutchen widely regarded as one of the best in the game. Polanco and Marte complete one of the best outfields in baseball. Steelers) Mediocre with a few playoff appearances and early exits. Ben gets traded late in his career for younger players, rebuilding process begins. Penguins) Continued underachievement, maybe a Stanley Cup appearance here and there. Crosby gets seriously injured from concussion, career ends early. Outsider predictions: Cubs win World Series in 2020. Boston wins 3-5 more World Series by 2024, becoming the new dynasty. Oakland Athletics win World Series in 2015. Salary cap instituted in MLB. New MLB teams in Las Vegas (Hustlers), Charlotte (Liners), and San Jose (Boomers). New NFL Dynasty becomes the Ravens. New NHL Dynasty becomes the Kings with about 3-5 more championships before 2020. New NHL teams in Seattle and Anchorage (Icebreakers). I'll be surprised if just one of those become true. Oh, and hi to my future self in 10 years. You've really let yourself go. EDIT: Next 10 World Series why not) 2014 - Giants over Tigers 4-2 2015 - Athletics over Dodgers 4-3 2016 - Red Sox over Dodgers 4-0 2017 - Red Sox over Pirates 4-1 2018 - Pirates over Twins 4-3 2019 - Pirates over Blue Jays 4-0 2020 - Cubs over Twins 4-3 2021 - Red Sox over Braves 4-3 2022- Red Sox over Cardinals 4-0 2023 - Red Sox over Phillies 4-3 2024 - Rockies over Royals 4-2
  5. Great job Minnesota. Somewhat boring, but they sure do look like the Vikings again! Glad to see purple pants on the road is an option too.
  6. Great job Minnesota. Love the bolder update.
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