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  1. Are you serious?! How the heck did this happen lol And to answer the font point up there - the Old Saybrook is not a standard font. It was from, and even after I found it on there I changed the spacing, adjusted the sizing & reworked a few of the letters. Thanks for all the comments though guys, keep them coming!
  2. My local high school's logo, for lack of better words, sucks. So I took it upon myself (and I had some free time) to put something new together for them. They're the Rams, with royal, white and grey as their colors. I'm currently in talks with them to officially go with my upgrade. Let me know your thoughts. Facebook Album Link: Thanks guys!
  3. seattlesonicsofsacramento - I took the idea of the colors and went with it...the blue is there, but I did have it too prominent. JRB14 - Loved the 3 idea - I went with it.Thanks guys.
  4. I'm sure I can't be the only one - but when I picture Iverson playing - it's not in red white and blue, it's in black. So I adjusted the logo from his night:
  5. I would personally take the new bird and stick him in the old circle/moon and see how that looks. I'm just not a fan of the edges on the new one, just my opinion...
  6. I tired reading it all....but about 2min into it my brain turned to mush. Good luck?
  7. Talk here is that the Wolfpack is back....and I'm from CT. Both logos suck honestly. Wolf wins, only because it might suck just a little less...
  8. I loved the old one...must more interesting than the newer one...just my opinion
  9. The logo and the font are great....I agree with the post up there though, the uniforms need more. But on a side-note - I checked out the Project Thirty Four site, love it, solid work man.
  10. The L & the P looked like they were different sizes to me...So I resized them and did a few things I saw fit. I also put the LP on the bottom if you want to do anything else to them
  11. This is great looking - awesome work.
  12. Never heard of it...I myself use Inkscape, love it.
  13. Someone needs to put TESTOSTERONE LIKE BRAUN