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  1. Early settlers in South Australians (Adelaide is the capital of) had a pretty hard time (as many early settlers did) and were forced to eat crows- hence people from other states called them Croweaters and the name stuck
  2. What do people think of this uniform for the Adelaide Crows who play in the Australian Football League? Its their new away clash jersey. Its copped a lot of hatred in Adelaide, but I think it looks really good and was wondering what other people thought of it This is what they normally wear (as I guess many people where wouldnt have any idea what the hell an Adelaide Crow is) Sorry just saw elsewhere this had already been discussed
  3. sorry I probably should have specified that it was a release date for the new logo. I had read a few rumors about it and a bit of speculation- but this was the first time I had seen anything from inside the jaguars (even if via a 3rd source) and I figured that people here might want to know about it
  4. thats where I got the news from. I know its not a huge surprise but I hadn't heard a date before. My guess is that they would try and have it all done before the draft so they can get it all over the cameras As a Jags fan I also love the logo- but given everything else that has changed in the last 12-24 months Im not surprised that Khan has changed this as well. Lamping also discussed 're-branding' at the end of season press conference so I think they may go different in a big way
  5. Word on twitter this morning is that Jacksonville will have a new logo by April