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  1. That's pretty interesting out of all the NRL teams I wouldn't guess it would be Manly to get shown internationally. As you say Rugby Union does need to get more exposure in the US because Manly are a Rugby League team.
  2. As a standalone design I think they are fine, but MMA is an individual sport not a team or national one and this takes away their individuality, something that is especially important in combat sports. Additionally, the fighters in the UFC are contractors not employees so I don't know why they are allowed to be forced to wear these. You don't see golfers all playing in the same uniform for example.I realize this is a sports design website and the main focus is the aesthetics but this whole deal makes me angry as it is terrible for the fighters and does nothing but make those running the organisation richer than they already are. EDIT: Also if you thought the price of retails were bad for the NHL, NFL etc. the retail price for these t shirts are $95.
  3. Reebok, who somehow continue to exist have unveiled the new uniforms for the UFC in one of the most cringe worthy displays I have seen. The introduction of these extremely bland designs will see the end the of the fighters choosing their own designs and colorways and takes away their opportunity to make munch needed money from multiple sponsors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H8HmbK8lGI The rest of the uniforms are the same design but just a few different colors dependent on the nationality of the fighter.
  4. faux

    raysox's A-League

    As El Scorcho said one of the big goals of the A-League was to end the ethnic tension between teams.Bringing in teams like South Melbourne and Sydney Olympic is pretty much the opposite of what would be good for Australian Football.
  5. I quite like all your designs as I think cricket uniforms should be always kept simple and rely on colours to provide distinction. However, a couple technical things one day/T20 uniforms are never white (the introduction of coloured uniforms plays a strangely important role in the development of modern cricket) and gloves aren't team coloured as they vary between the players depending on their sponsors. However, as this is fantasy it obviously doesn't matter and your designs are otherwise solid.
  6. You're right. They don't need these ads. And yet, they're going to do it. So why exactly should we believe they'll exercise any sense of restraint? Because the league wants the ad revenue but not at the risk of losing fans. It's just a much easier sell to say it's for the benefit of the league if the ad placement is not obnoxiously offensive.
  7. Putting ads on jerseys isn't ideal and it would be disappointing to see the last holdouts succumb, but it is hardly the end of times as some are making it out to be. The AFL which is much smaller and has far less exposure and as such relies on advertising much more has still managed to limit sponsors to a point where it is at least somewhat agreeable with the teams clearly keeping their identity and history intact. As such, I really can't imagine an international juggernaut like the NBA who really doesn't even need ads in the first place turning into European hockey.
  8. I doubt it the jersey is very popular with fans and I assume when MC and WS face each other they will both just wear their home kits. I also doubt that the white home kit is a long term plan as it conflicts with the rest of the identity and just seems like any easy stopgap solution before they weasel themselves into being able to wear a blue home.
  9. The FFA did say they couldn't have a light blue shirt due to similarities with Sydney so they went with a white shirt instead.
  10. As expected the new owners have changed the name of Melbourne Heart to Melbourne City. The home kit is the Manchester third kit from last year with the traditional red and white serving as the away strip. The new logo uses the city flag with design elements from Manchester, Melbourne and New York being incorporated. The club also managed to get David Villa for a ten game stint. Old Logo
  11. Guernsey usually only refers to Australian football. All other sports in the country use jersey. As far as the names on the jumpers it is obviously being introduced to try and sell more to kids but I don't like it. It makes the jumpers look even more crowded and reduces the size of the number which is the best identifier of players for commentators and spectators.
  12. The A-League logo being outlined on some kits, but not on others.
  13. Agreed, it doesn't help that they used stock images either.
  14. Not a jersey but going above 99 is unusual in motorcycle racing. Ruben xaus.